How Pipeliner CRM Helps Tiger Coatings

I used to literally have a drawer full of paper with the testing that we’ve performed. Now I just take all that data and upload it on Pipeliner. If there’s ever a problem I just go back and look it up.

Manny Mayer
Architectural, Lighting, and Agriculture Product Manager

About Tiger Coatings

Tiger Coatings fabricates powder coatings for a broad variety of applications: automotive, industrial, furniture, electronics, retail, appliances, and many more. A “powder coating” is applied as a free-flowing dry powder applied usually over metal, with numerous advantages over conventional liquid paint, including a hard finish that is more robust.

Tiger Coatings is a global company. The division of the company currently using Pipeliner covers three industries in North America: architectural, lighting, and agriculture. The champion and power user of Pipeliner within the company is Manny Mayer, the Architectural, Lighting. and Agriculture Product Manager, who brought Pipeliner into Tiger Coatings in 2011. There are 60 sales reps in this division on the Pipeliner system who report to Mayer.