For VisioneersPartner, Pipeliner CRM Fits as a CRM and a Partner

What’s really great about Pipeliner CRM is that the functionality and the ability for it to bridge to other departments like Marketing, quite seamlessly, allows us to really hold true to our ideals of bridging and accelerating success.

Chris Houghtaling
VisioneersPartner´s Founder & Managing Director

About VisioneersPartner

VisioneersPartner is a sales consulting, implementation, and training company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and servicing Europe and North America. A Pipeliner CRM partner, the company has several unique value propositions that set it apart from other sales consultancies.

“We help sales organizations from the top line strategy, all the way down to training the first sales rep coming on board,” explains Chris Houghtaling, VisioneersPartner Founder and Managing Director. “We bridge people both vertically and horizontally throughout an organization, especially a sales organization, along with the policies, processes, procedures, and anything that a successful sales organization is going to need.”

“We also work with departments other than sales; for example Marketing and Sales alignment is something that in the States has been around for quite a while as a concept, but it’s still relatively new here in Europe, and especially in Austria.”

VisioneersPartner focuses on four key areas:

  • Basic sales training
  • Leadership, Coaching and Development Culture, which provides a lasting, sustainable foundation for the sales training administered
  • An approach called Bridging Accelerates Success, which aligns policies, processes, procedures and people—vertically and horizontally throughout the organization
  • Information systems and sales technologies