10 Reasons Why Salespeople Will Always Be Absolutely Essential: The Printable Poster

A nice way to pin your admiration for salespeople to your bulletin board!

Salespeople Are Genuinely Invested in Their Companies’ Doing Well

The Pipeliner CRM blog post by sales expert Tony Hughes inspired this poster.

In the post, Hughes contends that free enterprise selling makes the world a safer and more tolerant place. He argues that selling connects people, exchanges ideas, and improves the way everything is done in the world.

The poster celebrates the idea that selling causes us to understand other people and their cultures, values and beliefs, but in a way where we have empathy rather than judgment.

The poster focuses on how:

  • Salespeople drive our economy.
  • Salespeople display unique, valuable attributes.
  • Salespeople inspire positive social change.

Download this poster and join us in celebrating Tony Hughes’ passionate words! Put it on your wall for all to see!

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10 Reasons Why Salespeople Are Essential