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Review and score your overall sales ecosystem with Ken Thoreson’s revealing audit.

Tune Your Sales Tactics with Ken Thoreson’s Sales Audit

Your sales ecosystem is supposed to be a finely-tuned set of activities working together to move sales from lead to close. But do you have unseen stumbling blocks that are preventing the system from operating at full efficiency? Many sales managers find themselves frequently in the dark about what is clogging their pipeline, throttling their salespeople, and preventing them from reaching their sales goals.

It’s time for a tune-up!

The health and effectiveness of your sales ecosystem is a balance of tasks like coaching, forecasting, hiring practices, and managing key accounts. It involves tactics of both style and substance.

Ken Thoreson of Acumen Management Group is a master at helping organizations uncover these bottlenecks and missed opportunities. His sales audit will help you reveal areas of challenge, so you can keep your sales pipeline humming along.

The audit will help you understand:

  • How well you understand your pipeline
  • The trustworthiness of your data
  • Whether the information in your sales stages reflects your projected revenues
  • Whether your key accounts have a valid plan of attack
  • The efficacy of your hiring, training, and coaching practices

Take and self-score Ken Thoreson’s free downloadable sales management audit!

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Sales Management Audit
Sales Management Audit
Sales Management Audit