Leicester City Football Club and Pipeliner Sales, Inc.: The Amazing Parallels

By now, everyone has heard about England’s Leicester City Football Club and their incredible come-from-nowhere triumph.

You may have heard this story—but did you know that Pipeliner has a very similar story?

  • Both came from nearly anonymous humble beginnings, to perform on the world stage.
  • Neither had any “star power” to carry them to victory, only their experience and (amazing) talent.
  • Both were up against organizations many times their size and financial worth, yet still vanquished them.
  • Nobody cared about Leicester City a year ago—but now, everyone does. Similarly, 3 years ago nobody cared much about Pipeliner. But looking at Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, they sure do now.

Find out just how similar their stories are. Now that you know who to watch in English football, learn (if you don’t already know) who to watch in the CRM world! 

A year ago when their amazing success story started, it could certainly be seen that Leicester City was going to come up against some very well-financed and powerful clubs (The Manchester clubs, City and United come to mind). Yet the Foxes blasted through competitor after competitor to finally arrive on top, having beaten them all, no matter how big and powerful.

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