Maximizing the ROI of CRM

Because a CRM solution is such an integral part of your company’s operation, precisely establishing ROI for CRM is vital. In taking the time to do so, you are also taking the time to fully support and empower your sales efforts for years to come.

This simple guide will put you firmly on track to evaluate CRM ROI for your company--and choose the CRM solution that meets those criteria.

Chapter 1: 3 Steps to CRM Solution ROI

ROI (return on investment) is normally part of every proposal for a software purchase. For a CRM solution, a full ROI statement should not be skimped, and should be given considerably more time and effort than other software purchases.

Chapter 2: CRM Solution ROI: Why Mirror Your Sales Process?

One vital key to getting the most ROI from your CRM solution is to ensure your CRM application mirrors your sales process. Today there is every reason for CRM to mirror a sales process and to gain rapid ROI for a CRM solution—and there exist CRM solutions that make it very easy.

Chapter 3: CRM Solution ROI: Fully Know Before You Go

When CRM solution ROI falls short, it’s because of a failure to gather information from every sector of the company and every individual who will be engaged with CRM, finding out exactly what they would need in a CRM solution, and assessing ROI for each of these areas.

Chapter 4: For True ROI, a CRM Solution Must Be the One You Really Need

Before any particular CRM application has been decided upon, you must consult with anyone and everyone within the company that will have any interaction with CRM at all. You must establish for each what a CRM solution would need to be. Summed up, you will then have a company-wide perspective on the ideal CRM solution for your operation.

Chapter 5: CRM Solution ROI: It Starts with the Sales Force

Often inadequately researched is the impact a CRM application will have on the sales force, along with the potential (considerable) ROI that can be obtained from making the right choice for Sales.

Chapter 6: CRM Solution ROI – It Should Begin with Startup

With a startup, CRM ROI might not seem to be the most important issue to address. Selling product and obtaining clients may appear to be the one and only mandate. But in actuality there is no more crucial time to conclusively figure out CRM ROI than right at the beginning of the life of a business.

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