Salespeople and Sales Managers: Lessons from the World Cup

Managing your sales force can be a lot like managing a soccer team towards a World Cup victory.

Be the Best Team!

Germany stunned the world with one of the youngest teams ever to take the field at the World Cup 2014 — and a considerable lack of star players in the traditional sense. It is very evident that something in championship soccer has radically changed.

So, too, has the world of sales changed. There has been a lot of buzz in the last few years about the change in buyer habits. Approximately 70% of a B2B buying decision is made before a salesperson is ever contacted. There are different strategies that support this new approach, such as insight selling and social selling. But there´s bigger lesson to be learned.

In this ebook you learn:

  • What do the drastic changes within the buyer-seller relationship mean for the world of sales?
  • How do you go about creating a truly effective sales team?
  • What is the role of technology and IT in this new sales landscape?

Being a True Team Player

One fact about Germany’s performance in the World Cup is that they played as a team.

Salespeople need to learn this same lesson. They are, by nature, loners; setting their own goals, being responsible for their own incomes, and following their own instincts. In one respect that’s a great thing—it’s what makes them great salespeople. But today the sales landscape has become far too competitive and, more importantly, too complex for a salesperson to go it alone.

How can you win your ultimate sales challenge with as much elegance and ferocity as German team did at the 2014 World Cup? Download our free ebook to make an unforgettable kick-off for your business.

While we’re learning, there are other factors that have entered into the sales landscape in the last few years that substantially aid the needed changes both for sales and sales management—and interestingly can be likened to the German victory in the World Cup.

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