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Sales Management - Best Practices

Webinar, Ago Cluytens, October 11, 9am PT

On the 11th of October we held one of our Webinars addressing Sales management best practice. Seminar was led by Ago Cluytens, Practice Director for the EMEA region at RAIN Group.

Featured topics:

  • What separates sales top performers from the rest of the crowd
  • What top performers focus on that makes them different and substantially increases win rates
  • What factors sales managers need to focus on to inspire top performance from salespeople
  • What kind of culture needs to be created to foster top performing salespeople.


Ago Cluytens

Ago Cluytens: Sales Management — Best Practices

At the very beginning of his professional career, Ago discovered his passion for sales. From that moment on he had been constantly connected with selling and buying processes. Starting at financial services went through all different positions in management and leadership. Working for companies including Toyota, Accenture, Deloitte, and IMB, Ago gained background of sales processes from the view of decision maker, influencer, or as a part of a committee, to finally end up in executive role as CMO of the private banking division. Currently, using his long-years experiences, Ago delivers B2B sales training, coaching and consulting for technology, financial and professional services firms with RAIN Group company.

Ago Cluytens, Practice Director for the EMEA region at RAIN Group