B & B Consulting Services, Inc.

B & B Consulting specializes in on-site, corporate level training.

About B & B Consulting Services, Inc.

B & B Consulting Services work with you to help design the best business practices, customize your software to meet those requirements and design training to make sure your employees get the best training in the shortest amount of time. You have the availability of our 20+ years experience in implementing software solutions — often we are able to point our areas that should be addressed (and when) and also those areas that should be pushed to the back burner.

Our goal is to get your sales team off to a flying start and to keep them productive through frequent training updates. If you are already using ACT! software, take advantage of our database and user analysis. You will be able to see what has been entered into your database, who is using the data and how they are using it. This gives you a snapshot of your sales database activity and a jumping off point to make changes and improvement.