Lean 4 Sales

Lean 4 Sales helps companies improve their sales process, leading to increased revenues, reduced costs, and enhanced risk control.

Even the best salesperson can be beaten by a poor sales process!

Andrew Wilcock
Founder of Lean 4 Sales

Business Philosophy

  • AUDIT – We help you understand and challenge your existing sales process
  • ALIGN – We help you align your sales process with your customers buying process
  • IMPLEMENT – We help you continuously improve your sales process

About Lean 4 Sales

Typically sales, marketing, operations and customer care functions are perceived as discrete functions rather than phases within an integrated system, so are not aligned with how the customer buys leading to waste within the system. Many companies use continuous improvement frameworks (e.g. Lean Six Sigma, TOC and TRIZ) in their manufacturing and operations functions, to improve their processes with excellent results. Now with help from Lean 4 Sales and Pipeliner crm, you can embed these tools and techniques into your sales and marketing functions to improve your results.