Not only do we believe in Pipeliner CRM, our entire sales team uses Pipeliner CRM: from lead management, pipeline management, to after-sales management. So when you talk to us about transforming your sales team into an efficient selling machine, we're not just reading from a brochure. We're Pipeliner users (and fans) ourselves.

Like most sales team managers, I've tried every CRM there is on the planet — packaged, customised, expensive, and free. And every time we end up using more time getting used to the system than being out there closing deals. With Pipeliner CRM, there is simply no excuse. My team is able to see which accounts need to be moved and which have been lagging. I am able to see who is and who is not performing. We update each other on the road, in between meetings, before we end our day or before we start it, and we don't even have to physically hold a meeting. The more important chunk of our day is spent with our customers. And we want the same for you.

Eric Natividad

About MISNet

MISNet is a technology solutions consulting firm, providing custom applications, business intelligence, and CRM solutions for 23 years. It provides end-to-end functional solutions for sales teams including data capture web portals, sales performance analytics, and visual CRM.