Sales Aerobics for Engineers, LLC

Catalyze your small to midsize business trajectory. Impact your startup's growth. Develop collaborative skill sets. Become a complete Businessperson of Worth.

Our team decided that things had to be different. We parked our egos and professional biases outside the door. We collaborated. We innovated. We challenged the business model and the status quo. The products we created still are knocking the socks off competition.

Babette Ten Haken
Founder & President of Sales Aerobics for Engineers

About Sales Aerobics for Engineers

Babette Ten Haken catalyzes your business or startup with strategic, unbiased and objective management and business coaching insights. Improve collaboration, productivity and revenue-driving performance throughout your entire organization.

She collaborates with senior executives and their entire teams, even if you are a company of 1-5! Develop sustainable and transforming business models.Grow your startup. Develop yourself, and your entire staff, into complete business people of worth.