The purpose and passion of VisioneersPartner is to raise the level of sales performance and professionalism of individuals and organizations. We help companies realize higher return-on-investments by looking at their needs to improve the performance of their sales teams through a new set of perspectives.

We strive for professionalism and authenticity in Sales. VisioneersPartner helps organizations to become industry leaders with the latest and best sales practices, tools, and behaviors.

Chris Houghtaling
MBA | Founder and Managing Director

Implementing Sales Visions Together

Besides partnering with the best application-partners in the industry, we divide our services into 4 categories: Bridging Accelerates Success – Consulting

  • Leadership, Coaching and Development Cultures – Coaching
  • Sales Information Systems – Technology
  • Authentic Selling Method - Training

About VisioneersPartner

A Holistic Approach for Best-In-Class Sales Organizations

VisioneersPartner is a new kind of sales performance services company that combines Consulting, Coaching, Technology and Training. This holistic approach empowers clients to reach new levels of performance that are sustainable with high return on investment. We do this by working with clients to bridge a company's strategy with the people, departments and technology that execute it.  Together with VisioneersPartner, you bring your sales vision to life.