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Pipeliner CRM Releases Interactive CRM Cost Calculator

Conduct your own CRM Comparison and Cost Analysis

CRM cost comparison calculator

Los Angeles, April 30, 2015 - Pipeliner CRM today announced a CRM Cost Comparison Calculator to help buyers assess how Pipeliner CRM stacks up against three other major CRM providers. With the explosive growth in the CRM industry, small to medium-sized businesses often find it challenging to decide which CRM platform best meets their needs.

An investment in a CRM solution should not be made lightly as there can be substantial costs: onboarding, user training, administrator training, and administration. By the time a company realizes that a CRM application may not be what they need or what they'd hoped for, it often becomes a case of coping with the decision that has been made. Since CRM is the very backbone of sales, continuing to invest in an unsatisfactory solution however just doesn't make sense.

John Golden
CSO of Pipeliner CRM

Worldwide, customer relationship management (CRM) software totaled $20.4 billion in 2013, according to Gartner, Inc, which forecasts CRM usage increasing to 36.5 billion by 2017. The 2015 estimated worldwide CRM market is 27.5 billion.

Pipeliner has researched the real-world costs associated with 3 CRM solutions—, Sugar CRM and Microsoft Dynamics—as compared with Pipeliner CRM. The calculator tool slidebar adjusts instantly to calculate savings based on the number of users.

Key Cost Considerations

“One key area missed by most are the hidden costs lurking in different plans -- additional specialized personnel and programming that add cost and complexity,” said Golden. “Large companies can have a vested interest in building in these disguised up-sells. We’ve taken the opposite approach at Pipeliner CRM -- where our single price policy has proven to be a welcome relief.”

Onboarding: 77% of Pipeliner customers surveyed found Pipeliner "very easy" or "easy but with a few minor issues" to get up and running

Administration: 57% of Pipeliner CRM customers reported that they do not need an administrator at all--even for customization. 0% require a full-time administrator.

Customization: Customization can be simple or complex. The difference between simple and complex is paid in time and money. How many salespeople want to write code?

Hidden Costs: For some CRM solutions, the base price is just the beginning -- those costs can mount quickly.

Training: 41% of Pipeliner CRM customers reported that it took 1 to 5 days. Fourteen percent said it took less than 1 day.

Future Readiness: The most thoughtful products build in flexibility to cope with the road ahead, as well as tweaks to the process along the way.

This calculator has been built to assist sales in determining the best CRM solution. The company also released earlier this year the Everything Guide to Choosing the Perfect Small Business CRM. This vendor-neutral guide is designed to help people choose the CRM system that best suits them — regardless of brand. The Guide takes an all-inclusive approach — leading any organization to the best choice by helping them explore this important decision from every angle — to get to the best solution for their specific needs.

As the most visual CRM on the market, Pipeliner CRM turns traditional CRM on its head and takes a sales-centric approach with a target-oriented, visual solution that truly empowers salespeople or as we call them "salespreneurs” -- the entrepreneurs within the enterprise.

To learn more about Pipeliner CRM or to download a 14-day free trial, please visit our What’s New page.

About Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner - The World’s Most Visual CRM

Pipeliner is a fresh new approach to the traditional sales pipeline and the way it drives CRM, engaging the sales organization with visual insights. The methodology behind our platform provides a solid sales process for thousands of organizations, worldwide.

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