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Ease of Customization Leads S. Sterling Company To Choose Pipeliner CRM

Central application for the monitoring and controlling of opportunities

S. Sterling Company

Los Angeles, CA, June 16, 2015—Pipeliner CRM announced today a new case study profiling S. Sterling Company of Atlanta, Georgia--a sales and distribution firm representing electrical component suppliers to hundreds of U.S. vehicle and equipment manufacturers throughout a 14-state region including the South, Southeast, and Midwest.

The company represents highly engineered products to vehicle manufacturers from recreational to heavy duty. Clients include Airstream, Volvo Construction Equipment, Blue Bird Body Co., and Club Car, to name a few.

Pipeliner CRM is S. Sterling’s central application for the monitoring and controlling of opportunities, from lead to close. The company has a very specific set of pipeline steps that focus strictly on moving opportunities

With Pipeliner, I found that I was getting excited about the possibilities, the flexibility and the ability to customize the various stages in the sales pipeline, and being able to make it our own without having to pay a lot of programming fees and what-have-you to truly create our own system.

Eric McDowell
National Sales Manager

McDowell found that opportunities were languishing because the sales team was spending so much time servicing existing clients that they were unable to focus on opportunities in a timely way.

Before Pipeliner, we didn’t have a single place where one person could watch over what’s happening throughout all the territories. Now I perform administration duties here in the main office, and the individual territory managers contribute to their pipelines for their locations and for their own specific set of accounts and opportunities. I can fire up my computer, take a look at all the pipelines, and if there’s anything that’s flagged as being past-due in any of the sales sections, I can bring that up as a source of question or comment to our individual sales managers.

Everything was done manually, through correspondence in emails. It worked well for 19 years, but in order to manage our current rate of growth I couldn’t see us going forward without a CRM like Pipeliner.


McDowell tested specific criteria with various CRM solutions. The system needed to be easy to use. He allowed himself 30 days to test-drive each vendor’s product to determine if he found the user experience difficult. His litmus test was whether he wanted to jump back into the system -- or did not want to work with it again.

The ease of the customization was one of the biggest factors in the decision to go with Pipeliner CRM. McDowell was pleasantly surprised by how easily and rapidly he was able to get up and running with Pipeliner.

McDowell makes a very simple and powerful statement of the positive change Pipeliner CRM has brought to S. Sterling Company.

The biggest change is visibility. Right behind that would be accountability. It’s really the ease of use—I don’t know how else to put it. It’s very user-friendly the way that you set up an Opportunity, add the contacts to the Opportunity, and then start managing that Opportunity within your activity calendar. Everything ties together very nicely. It’s not cumbersome in the least.


Pipeliner CRM is a truly disruptive technology that turns traditional CRM on its head and takes a sales-centric approach with a target-oriented, visual solution that empowers salespeople.

Pipeliner CRM aims to provide a work tool that becomes a way of life—one that salespeople adopt and trust. Pipeliner CRM is organizing customers’ workflows in ways that demonstrate an innate feel for what salespeople actually want and need.

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About S. Sterling Company

We are a sales and distribution firm representing electrical component suppliers to U.S. vehicle and equipment manufacturers located in a 14-state region. With a dedicated team of 5 outside sales managers and with the support of a knowledgeable inside sales staff, we represent 7 suppliers and service more than 100 active client companies.

We represent highly engineered products to vehicle manufacturers from recreational to heavy-duty. Our clients include Airstream, Volvo Construction Equipment, Blue Bird Body Co., and Club Car, to name a few. Our products include headlamps, work lamps, relays and time delays, solenoids, ignition switches, joystick controls, linear and rotary transducers, polyurethane molded products, wire harnesses and instrument panels.