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Pipeliner CRM Integrates With Brandizi for Sales and Marketing Automation

Deep Integration Provides Right Time, Right Message Automation Benefits

Los Angeles, CA. – February 3, 2015– Pipeliner CRM announced today integration with Brandizi for sales plus marketing automation, working on automated triggers to deliver right time, right message marketing during each stage of the sales cycle. 

Pipeliner CRM continues to integrate with leading providers, enabling users to build custom workflows for more productive processes. This integration furthers the Pipeliner CRM objectives of empowering sales teams globally with tools to help businesses leverage the entrepreneurial traits of salespeople.

With Brandizi, Pipeliner CRM customers can coordinate and automate sales and marketing communications, making it easy to close more sales and drive their business. Brandizi enables the correct message for each lead and customer to be delivered at the right moment-- automatically.

“Sales teams need access to the best messaging their company can provide at every moment in the sales process. Slowing down to write copy or connect with marketing to find approved messages is a drain on sales efficiency and a frustration for everyone”, said Kim Cabot CEO of Brandizi.

“Brandizi lets your company’s best writers pre-design messaging that works for every step of the sales funnel and, with our deep integration into Pipeliner CRM , your sales team can trigger these messages simply by moving leads from one stage to the next in their CRM. Sales teams never need to log into Brandizi to get this done – a stream of appropriate communications is sent automatically until the lead changes stages. The payoff is feeding your closers more ready leads while giving them more time to close them.”

“We see the Brandizi integration as another step in our strategy enabling customers to use the innovative Pipeliner platform with their essential systems -- designed for maximum efficiency. This blend of processes allows sales to be more efficient,” said Todd Martin, VP of Global ISV & Partner Alliances at Pipeliner CRM. “We’re thrilled to partner with Brandizi on this integration as we see an enormous benefit to sales teams augmenting both Brandizi and Pipeliner CRM’s innovative technologies to move deals through their pipelines.”

The advantage to using Brandizi and Pipeliner CRM together is in having both platforms highly aligned for maximum efficiency in the sales process. Pipeliner CRM brings comprehensive sales process to teams of all sizes, encompassing Lead Management, Sales Forecasting, Social Selling and visual representations of the entire deal flow. Brandizi enables the correct message for each lead and customer to be delivered at the right moment, automatically.

For more information on Pipeliner CRM software or to download a 14-day free trial, please visit: . For more information on Brandizi go to

About Pipelinersales Inc.

Pipeliner CRM is a software system that enables salespeople and teams to understand their sales process and accelerate opportunities toward a close, while saving time and maintaining focus. Pipeliner CRM overlays organizational features atop a visual interface, creating a worktool that adapts to and grows with the organization.

Easily implemented, Pipeliner is non-disruptive and readily adopted by salespeople who find that using the system helps them sell better and faster, and by sales managers who benefit from an accurate, predictable, and low-risk pipeline.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Vienna, Austria, Pipeliner CRM has offices in the UK, Sweden, Slovakia, and India. Engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @PipelinerCRM or visit us at

About Brandizi

Brandizi helps companies coordinate and automate their sales and marketing communications, making it easy to close more sales, propel their business, and delight their customers – automatically. Up to 80% of the communications needed to close a sale can be easily and seamlessly automated with Brandizi, freeing up tens of hours a week for your closers to do what they do best – close deals. Brandizi is headquartered in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Visit us at