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VisioneersPartner Adds Leading Freight-Forwarder to the Pipeliner CRM Customer Base

UnitCargo (UC) benefits from VisioneersPartner emphasis on sales process methodology and Pipeliner CRM 5-star tool

Los Angeles, CA, December 9, 2014 -- Pipeliner CRM announced today a new partnership with VisioneersPartner. The partnership brings several new customers to the fold, highlighted by the addition of leading transport intelligence company, UnitCargo.

VisioneersPartner is a sales consulting, coaching and training company that helps sales professionals, managers, and executive management work together to build sustainable teams. They do this by combining training, coaching and consulting expertise based on specific organizational goals.

“With Pipeliner CRM we can provide our clients a solution that sales professionals actually want to use and one that gives managers the ability to coach and develop their teams,” stated Chris Houghtaling, Managing Partner for VisioneersPartner. “Pipeliner CRM supports our company strategy by allowing us to customize the setup for our client’s sales process and give them a visually impactful tool for management.”

International freight-forwarder companies have a particular need for a robust CRM system, given their diverse inventory and global employee base. UnitCargo’s slogan of “transport intelligence” is a competitive differentiator due to the unique services provided with each shipment.

Davor Sertic, Managing Director of UnitCargo and a VisioneerPartner client stated, “Within minutes of seeing the visual display of Pipeliner, our sales professionals were excited to start using it. A few weeks into the test phase, they loved the ease of use when entering information and the ability to set reminders, staying in better contact with our customers and tracking their opportunities.”

Pipeliner CRM offers partners a tool for their clients and business associates that will help them manage their sales pipeline as never before. Pipeliner CRM is organizing customer’s workflows in ways that demonstrate an innate feel for what salespeople actually want and need.

"With Pipeliner CRM, salespeople have the tools for success enabling them to gain better insights into the sales pipeline and manage the sales process more effectively. Now, with the addition of training and coaching expertise offered by VisioneersPartner, salespeople have the skills to compete and greatly increase their revenues,” said Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM.

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About VisioneersPartner

VisioneersPartner is located in Vienna, Austria with experience training and coaching 1000’s of Sales Professionals from throughout the world. Our experience is focused on Europe, including Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and North America. Our team is composed of international experts with experience in sales, sales management, training, coaching, consulting and leadership and marketing.

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