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Pipeliner CRM Announces Deeper Integration with Google Apps

Office Productivity Enhanced with Seamless Integration of Services; Interchangeable Use of Core Worktools for Any Sales Team

Google Apps for Pipeliner CRM

Los Angeles, July 15, 2014 – Pipeliner CRM announced today that their product is now fully integrated with leading Google Apps including Gmail, Drive, Tasks, Contacts and Google +. With the adoption of Google Apps in businesses around the world, Pipeliner CRM offers comprehensive ability to ensure maximum productivity from each sales team.

Bi-Directional Sync Between Apps

One of the key benefits for sales teams is enhanced ease of use stemming from the bi-directional sync capabilities of Pipeliner CRM with Google Apps. You can now work in either the Pipeliner CRM application or Google Apps and have your data in both places. The syncing capabilities built into Pipeliner also mean that Gmail, Google Tasks or Google Contacts automatically populate into each system appropriately, saving precious time and negating any double data entry effort.

“So much of a salesperson’s daily schedule still revolves around email, tasks, contacts and documents,” said Eric Quanstrom, CMO of Pipeliner CRM. “When your CRM is comprehensively integrated with your office suite, you’re never wasting time or effort. Better still, your data is where it needs to be-- right there with all your Leads and Opportunities.”

Work Anytime, Anywhere, Online or Off

Pipeliner CRM enables the mobile sales professional to work when and where they wish. A key feature is the smart way the software handles online and offline functionality use cases. Pipeliner is the only CRM software that enables salespeople to work on the most recent full version of their CRM system even when they are not online -- later syncing all their data (including Google Apps data) and their CRM once they are online again. Data is safely backed up and instantly available to the entire team upon synchronization.

Adoption of Google Apps Is High

Pipeliner CRM’s integration of Google Apps comes at a time when the business world is waking up to the effectiveness of running their operations in the Google Cloud. According to Google exec Sundar Pichai, “58 percent of Fortune 500 companies have gone Google.”

By pairing this adoption with Pipeliner’s own strong growth, a best-of-breed offering is now available. According to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, virtually half (49%) of all admins cite third-party applications as playing an important role in their organizations’ adoption of Google Apps in their move to the Cloud.

Pipeliner CRM will continue to complement Google Apps with additional enhancements in upcoming releases, including Google Calendar. The experienced, award-winning Pipeliner team has created a sales pipeline management application that salespeople adopt and find value in using.

Pipeliner offers a 14-day free trial at:

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