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Pipeliner CRM Welcomes Leading Sales Expert Tom Searcy to Webinar Series

How To Unlock Explosive Growth and Land Major Accounts

Los Angeles, CA. – February 12, 2015– Pipeliner CRM announced today the latest in its sales webinar series, featuring Tom Searcy, CEO of Hunt Big Sales. The webinar, Unlocking Explosive Growth, will be focused on achieving remarkable results by winning transformational accounts.

Pipeliner CRM Partner Hunt Big Sales

Tom Searcy is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and a leading expert in large-account sales. His methods enabled him to take 4 companies from less than $10M to over $100M in revenues. Searcy developed his methods of unlocking explosive growth through a consistent focus on winning the right accounts-- and will share his strategies on what matters during the webinar.

His company, Hunt Big Sales, is a fast-growth consultancy with methodologies that have landed more than $7.5BN in new sales for Fortune 500 companies, including: 3M, Disney, Chase Bank, Apple, and hundreds more.

“I am pleased to partner with Pipeliner CRM on this webinar as helping your organization grow exponentially is not going to happen through pep talks or simply going over basics. It’s about achieving explosive results through landing very large deals,” said Tom Searcy. “ I have made a career out of landing transformational accounts and can provide both the processes and the tools to get you there, too.”

Webinar: Tuesday February 24th from 10:00am to 11:00am PST

The webinar reveals 4 core tactics for targeting and acquiring large accounts.

  • How to double your success rate on your biggest deals
  • How to target your efforts to focus solely on ideal opportunities
  • How your buyer wants to be messaged for the bigger deal
  • How to know when to bring in additional resources to close a major deal

“Pipeliner CRM and Hunt Big Sales have a strategic alliance designed to unlock the true potential of sales teams,” said Eric Quanstrom, CMO of Pipeliner CRM. “As two fast-growth companies, we jointly offer customers proven sales strategies, process methodologies and the right software tools to acquire large account sales and transform their businesses.”

For more information on Pipeliner CRM software or to download a 14-day free trial, please visit: . Registration is open for this webinar.

About Pipelinersales Inc.

Pipeliner CRM is a software system that enables salespeople and teams to understand their sales process and accelerate opportunities toward a close, while saving time and maintaining focus. Pipeliner CRM overlays organizational features atop a visual interface, creating a worktool that adapts to and grows with the organization.

Easily implemented, Pipeliner is non-disruptive and readily adopted by salespeople who find that using the system helps them sell better and faster, and by sales managers who benefit from an accurate, predictable, and low-risk pipeline.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Vienna, Austria, Pipeliner CRM has offices in the UK, Sweden, Slovakia, and India. Engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @PipelinerCRM or visit us at