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VisioneersPartner Aligns with Pipeliner CRM

Premier EMEA Sales Consultancy Voices Pipeliner CRM’s Value as International Partner Summit Date Approaches

Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2015—Pipeliner CRM today published a new case study featuring VisioneersPartner, a sales consulting, implementation, and training company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and servicing Europe and North America. VisioneersPartner (a customer of Pipeliner CRM before becoming a partner) sees Pipeliner CRM as a valuable asset allowing them to offer a complete sales CRM solution for their clients.

Chris Houghtaling, VisioneersPartner Founder and Managing Director, elaborates: “A key player for sales is CRM, right in the center spot. What’s really great about Pipeliner CRM is that the functionality and the ability for it to bridge to other departments like Marketing, quite seamlessly, allows us to hold true to our ideals of alignment and accelerating success. It’s been a fantastic tool to help keep us organized, especially during our two major phases of starting up.”

Pipeliner was exactly what VisioneersPartner needed. They were really impressed with both the capabilities of Pipeliner CRM, and just as importantly the philosophies that drive Pipeliner as a company.

"With Pipeliner CRM, salespeople have the tools for success enabling them to gain better insights into the sales pipeline and manage the sales process more effectively.” said Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM. “We are happy to see our partners not only assisting their clients with Pipeliner CRM, but utilizing the software themselves to grow their business. We are looking forward to meeting with our Partners at our first International Partner Summit next week.”

International Partner Summit

The first International Partner Summit for Pipeliner CRM is scheduled for March 30 and 31 at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles. Partners will be coming from Australia, Canada, UK, Sweden, Central Europe, and across the US. Partners and key sales influencers will discuss the future of CRM for small and medium sized businesses. This summit signals the company’s commitment to supporting and collaborating with partners globally.

“I really would recommend other companies in our line of work become Pipeliner CRM partners, Houghtaling concludes. “Sales training and sales consulting organizations exist to help sales organizations and companies enable sales and improve performance. You’ve got to be able to provide a complete solution. As a Pipeliner partner, I would definitely suggest that. Selling it is really a no-brainer—it works seamlessly, quickly, efficiently and it’s not a hard sell. It’s really more of ‘Here, look—this is how we use it, and how you can use it, and look how quick you can enter something in’ and you’re all set.”

Pipeliner CRM offers partners a tool for their customers and business associates that will help them manage their sales pipeline as never before. Pipeliner CRM is revolutionizing the marketplace with exceptional CRM software, training and education to help salespeople sell smarter. Pipeliner CRM is organizing customer’s workflows in ways that demonstrate an innate feel for what salespeople actually want and need.

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About VisioneersPartner

VisioneersPartner is located in Vienna, Austria with experience training and coaching 1000’s of Sales Professionals from throughout the world. Our experience is focused on Europe, including Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and North America. Our team is composed of international experts with experience in sales, sales management, training, coaching, consulting and leadership and marketing. See more at: