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AIM Institute is an innovative not-for-profit community organization that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent ecosystem. The company creates development opportunities, youth training programs, workforce development, and educator resources that help build confident, cutting-edge, high demand individuals, prepared for versatile, innovative technology careers.

One of AIM’s most prominent programs is, a site for Omaha, Nebraska-based companies to post open jobs. It’s a paid-for service for the employers but is free of charge to those seeking employment.

AIM Institute utilizes Pipeliner CRM to track sales leads and opportunities across the company’s many different programs.

The Need for CRM

Because of AIM’s many and different sales activities, the need for the right CRM solution became acute.

“We were using another CRM, but we really needed another CRM that our salespeople and account reps could easily use,” explains AIM systems engineer Chad Picha. “We have 6 different pipelines for all of our various programs.”

“We had a contractor that we hired to help us find the best tool for our business needs. Many of the solutions that we have investigated—including NetSuite and Salesforce—are just way too big and, for a non-profit, out of our price league. It’s just impossible for a non-profit to pull that off.”

“Our contractor had worked with Pipeliner CRM in the past at another company, and they remembered the product. They conducted research into our needs, and into the products that would satisfy them. We needed something that would help us grow consistently, which we wouldn’t eventually have to abandon because it doesn’t have enough capabilities. It turns out Pipeliner was the one that fit what we needed.”

Salespeople Love It

As is the case with Pipeliner CRM customers the world over, AIM salespeople love Pipeliner. “They’ve been very excited about it,” Picha says. “They find it very easy to search and create reports from.”

AIM Management is also embracing Pipeliner. “Managers are finding it much easier to do reports, find out what the salespeople are doing, and find out how many leads or contacts have been assigned to them,” Picha continues. “They can find out whether leads have been contacted in a timely manner. They find the bulk updates very easy, and the merge or duplicate accounts very easy and straightforward.”

We’re integrating Pipeliner with our sales systems and our current products that we sell, so we’re extremely excited about that. No more hand-entering data in 3 different areas—we just put it all in Pipeliner, and I can just push it out to all the other different systems that we have.
Chad Picha, AIM systems engineer

Excited about Pipeliner

In conclusion Picha says, “I would definitely recommend Pipeliner to other companies. We love the product. When it comes to using the API, Pipeliner has done an excellent job of documenting that API, and making it really straightforward and easy to use.

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