Opportunity Tracking

Instantly see how many opportunities you have in each stage with ALL-IN-ONE Pipeline view. Move them easily by Drag and drop in real time.


Pipeliner Framework

Your business is unique to you and as so is how you probably want to use your CRM, so let’s look at how we provide you with extensive customization options.


Sales Activities

Checkboxes that allow you to stay focused. Set up criteria that should be met before moving the opportunity to the next stage.


Sales Velocity

You can always have your eye on the right sales velocity with Pipeliner's customizable, visual Sales Velocity functionality.


Document Management

This document is important. But I have other pressing tasks. Where can I put it so it is easy to come back to and easy to find?


Contact Management

Acces your contact or account from opportunity or activity attached to it, or just go for Accounts and Contacts or vice versa.