Smart Cloud CRM­­ – On and Off The Ground

Today everything is in the Cloud­­ including the leading CRM applications. But should your CRM application be a cloud-­only application?

The Cloud…and the Smart Cloud


Today the Cloud has become the preferred “place” for storage. It has replaced highly expensive hardware and space for hardware physically located at companies. Since Cloud Services companies only cater to data storage, companies pay them a great deal less than they would pay for owning, maintaining and housing that storage themselves. Part of the advantage is that companies only pay for what they use – so if usage goes down, so does their pricing.


Along with the Cloud has come SaaS (Software as a Service) providers­­ – software that is maintained and run strictly in the Cloud. Once again costs are reduced to the end user, as the user only pays for the services used ­­not for permanently owning and licensing the software. Upgrades and updates are part of the same service, and end users never need worry about updating the software themselves.

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Cloud CRM

In the last 5 years, CRM services have also made the move to the Cloud. This has been a great boon to companies, as the company’s CRM application could be accessed from anywhere, as long as there was an Internet connection. Most or all of the top CRM solutions are Cloud CRM applications.

Smart Cloud CRM

There is also one other variety of Cloud CRM solution, however, and that is a Smart Cloud CRM. While a Smart Cloud CRM operates in the Cloud, the same as all other Cloud CRM applications, it also has a local installation on each user’s machine.

The advantage brought by Smart Cloud CRM is that the full CRM solution can be accessed and utilized whether or not the user has an Internet connection. There are many places throughout the world without Internet connectivity – ­­but sales must be made anyway. With a Smart Cloud CRM solution, the full CRM solution is always available. When the user once again has an Internet connection, the Cloud is automatically synchronized with the local version.

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