Today any business model, in my opinion, should reflect a shared economy—something that in this time is vitally important. I should also point out that many systems that began as “shared” models ended up on the opposite end of the spectrum—Uber being a classic example. In its beginning many took to it and were excited because they were bringing home decent money, but this is no longer always the case.

The shared business models that we offer—our Pipelinerpreneur program and our Ambassadors program—are not all about lead generation, advertising, selling, advertising or referrals one might assume. Instead they begin with, and are focused on education.

Major Shifts in Education

There have been radical changes in effective education. In former times, you went to school and received your education, and you could then turn around and utilize that education in the real world. What you learned today you could immediately apply tomorrow.

The changes the world is going through today are so rapid that people going through most current educational models are no longer adequately equipped with skills needed to succeed. The real power of learning is when it is combined with real world experience. We saw that with the Covid pandemic that even the best educated were unprepared for it because they lacked any direct experience which hampered the response.

Education will be effective when it can provide its recipients with knowledge applicable across many different fields. This is why we are providing education that helps people think outside the box and develop problem solving mindsets.

Pipeliner’s Educational Offering

Education has been an essential part of our motivation at Pipeliner right from the beginning. And this is why we began by focusing on content. Not content for content’s sake but rather meaningful content that can help better equip people to be successful in business and in life. This is all part of our mantra of “Win Together” – we provide transformative learning to help more people across the globe achieve their goals and in turn become examples to others to do the same.

We provide, for our ambassadors, numerous free courses through our Learning Management System (LMS). We want those who come aboard to succeed right from the beginning. We start by influencing their mindsets but of equal importance is providing inspiration that touches their hearts. Only when the “freeway” between the mind and heart is flowing smoothly will more people move into new areas, become inspired, and even innovate.

It’s a Grassroots Movement

Our Ambassador program has, as its goal, the creation of a grassroots movement. We did this because firstly we believe it creates more meaningful connections and secondly, like many others we are not in a position to invest in huge marketing budgets to compete head-to-head with giants such as Salesforce. Ultimately we see this as the better road as we get to help and influence individual people directly and meaningfully, rather than just market slogans to the masses.

Our Ambassadors, as a result of the quality education and insights they receive from us, are in turn inspired to follow us on social media, spread our message and talk about us. We know that a third of the world’s population is in a sales-related job. If we can reach only a couple percent of this group, we can create a tremendous positive change for the millions involved in sales.

Our first course, offered free of charge, is utilized to bring on board and motivate ambassadors. When an ambassador gets another new ambassador on board, they can earn a second course for free. This creates a groundswell in our grassroots movement.

By the third course, an Ambassador could well be inspired to become a Pipelinerpreneur, which provides them with the opportunity to move from a referral model to actually building their own business and generating an ongoing income with Pipeliner CRM.

A “Win Together” Like No Other

Our business model is a real “win together” like no other can be. While we are not claiming that we provide comprehensive end-to-end education, we deliver a place to start. This is often the hardest part of any positive change – how to take the first step and what should that step be. When people are properly motivated they can be agents of change and they can be the tide that lifts all the boats around them. Best of all we can reach and help people right in their own communities and provide them with the opportunity to make an impact on their own lives, the lives of others as well as contribute to the well being of their communities. Our education doesn’t stop with our courses by any means—with our online multimedia magazine SalesPOP we are continuously providing expert insights into sales and leadership.

There is no question that our world is standing at a crossroads, perhaps like never before. As it does, we feel it is our obligation to provide as much knowledge and help as we can to empower people to build businesses and impact their communities in a positive way. When businesses thrive in a community everyone wins together – more income, better healthcare, better education and so many other benefits.

A proven business concept such as ours is the only approach that allows emerging and other underserved markets to start reversing the devastating migration that has left so many communities in hardship. We have to provide hope, choice and prosperity to people wherever they are located. When people are successful and content, they lift up others, they protect their environment and they build relationships with other communities. This is the true essence of “Winning Together” and it is only by winning together can we save our planet and prosper.