The security of the data of our customers is a top priority for the Pipeliner team. We combine security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

#1: Data Center and Network Security

Technical Infrastructure and BackUp Procedures

Pipelinersales, like many SaaS providers, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for North America, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Canada and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Germany to host your cloud data. AWS has a wealth of security standards and backup recovery policies in place including ISO 27001 and ISO 22301. This provider includes security and backup standards for physical security, disaster recovery and monitoring.

Server locations:

  • North America: Virginia, USA
  • North America: Toronto, Canada
  • Europe: Frankfurt, Germany
  • APAC: Sydney, Australia

We also have a number of internal protocols to further enhance security and disaster recovery.

Data between these servers are not shared or mirrored. Example: If you are a customer from US, your data stays in US or if you are a customer in Europe, your data stays in Europe.

Disaster Recovery Plans

We inherit the disaster and failover capabilities within the AWS environment. In addition to these, Pipeliner CRM has an internal mechanism for a secondary site to be available within 24 hours.

Pipeliner CRM also uses an offline snapshot system available for up to 3 months, and daily online full backup available for 12 days.

Internal Security and Protocols

Access is limited to senior members of the development team. Each member of the senior team has been with Pipeliner for over 5 years and has significant experience in the co-location environments.

#2: Application Security

Offline Data Security

With the exception of Cloud-based licenses (software as a service), Pipeliner does not have access to your data. We will not ask you to send any of your data. The security of your local data (documents, software data, and other data) is based on the Standard Security of your OS Environment.

With appropriate certification, experts believe that Cloud solutions can offer even better data compliance, safety, and security than internal solutions

Online Data Security

For the secure transmission of data via the Internet to you, Pipeliner is using the latest SSL (secure socket layer) technology. This way data is encrypted and securely transmitted to you.

Apart from encryption to secure data, Pipeliner has a number of technical and organizational safety measures in place. These measures are continuously improved based on technical developments. Pipeliner maintains a Firewall System based on the latest State of Technology, in order to protect itself from unwarranted outside access.

Encryption levels

2048 bit cypher using SSL is used on all communications outside of the DMZ.

#3: Compliance Certifications and Memberships

We implement security best practices to meet not just industry-based compliance.

  • As a European company, Pipeliner is working to be fully compliant with GDPR.

#4: Green Technology—Sustainable Energy

Pipeliner is concerned for our environment. We thought you should know about our use of green technology and sustainable energy for future environmental safety.

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How We Secure Your Data

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