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Pipeliner CRM Version 11.0 — Continuity

What is a salesperson doing every minute of every hour of every day? Activities. Every task, every appointment, every meeting, every call, every sending of collateral--every one of these is a sales activity. Tasks and activities, successfully completed, make it possible for opportunities to rapidly move through sales process stages—creating continuity throughout the sales pipeline.

At the heart of this new release is the enhancement of Pipeliner CRM's powerful Sales Activities functionality. Download a free trial of Pipeliner CRM now.

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Pipeliner CRM Continuity

New Features

Sales Activity Management

Pipeliner CRM Continuity is focused primarily on sales activity management features—some of which can be found in no other CRM application.

  • Activity 1:N means you can attach the same activity to one or more accounts, contacts, leads or opportunities--anywhere it is needed
  • Recurring tasks can now be set
  • Default meeting duration can now be set—if, for example, many of your meetings have the same length
  • You can set a default length of time before a task needs to be done, such as an hour before a meeting
  • The new Time Zone Checker allows you to instantly check the time zone of a prospect or customer when setting an appointment
  • You can now run a Quick Filter without scheduled activities
Pipeliner CRM – Activity Management

Other Enhancements

Pipeliner CRM – Product Catalog

Product Catalog

With Pipeliner CRM, you can bring your company’s entire product or service catalog right into CRM. We’ve made the following enhancements to our Product Catalog functionality:

  • “Difference" value—the difference between the actual sale price and the list price
  • You can now use multiple currencies to define product or service value
  • You can now assign products or services to a dedicated pipeline. Example: If your company has separate pipelines for products or services, each sold by a different sales team, these could be assigned to separate pipelines as needed

Reporting Enhancements

There are several new incredible enhancements to Pipeliner CRM's reporting functionality:

  • You can now add parent sales unit to reports as a column, or filter data according to parent sales unit
  • In order to export leads and opportunities to an Excel spreadsheet previously, you needed to create an opportunity report and export from there. You can now bulk export leads and opportunities directly into an Excel spreadsheet
Pipeliner CRM – Oportunity Reports
Pipeliner CRM - New Additional Features

Additional New Features and Enhancements

  • You can now copy copy an opportunity to a different pipeline
  • Previously Compact View for Leads and Opportunities only contained tasks and activities. It is now enriched with contacts, accounts, and notes

Mobile CRM Enhancements

Pipeliner CRM – Mobile CRM

With Pipeliner Continuity, Pipeliner CRM once again leaps ahead of the competition with even sleeker, more powerful Instant Intelligence, Visualized!

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