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What's New with Pipeliner CRM
Version 13.0 — Universals

Performance Insights

The key functionality for this release is Insights. In this version we have greatly enhanced our powerful Performance Insights feature, through which we empower sales managers with real sales performance management.

Power Panel

The Performance Insights Power Panel enables Pipeliner CRM's powerful filter functionality to be applied to Performance Insights. Filter in or out your own statistics, or those of your team.

Collaborative Conversions

For all users collaborating within a sales process, including SDRs, BDRs and salespeople, Collaborative Conversions maps a visual overview of success rates for the entire team.

Life Cycle

The Performance Insights Life Cycle feature provides a view on the time (in days) required to close an opportunity by your team members. By user or unit, Life Cycle tracks the time leads and opportunities remain in the system.

Comparison Chart

All within the same graphic, the Performance Insights Comparison Chart shows you a comparison between open, won and lost opportunities.

Insights Main View
Life Cycle

In-App Notifications

In-App Notifications

Through the Notification Center, you receive notifications about new data added to leads, opportunities, contacts, accounts or activities with which you are associated. You are notified when existing data is updated, when emails are received, when documents are uploaded, or when another user sends you a message.

Simply click on any lead, opportunity, contact, account, activity within a notification to dive in and obtain more information.

You can also send messages to other users within the Notification Center.

You are informed of new notifications through the bell icon at the top right of Pipeliner. Click on the bell to go right to the Notification Center.

Dynamic Activities

As with many other Pipeliner CRM features, all types of sales activities—including tasks and events—are now fully customizable with a broad variety of custom fields and forms.

You can also create unassigned activities—tasks waiting to be done. This functionality is especially useful when connecting activities with third party tools. For example, you can connect a zendesk support ticket to a task in Pipeliner CRM, and inform your customer success manager about the issue or issues your customer is faced with. Any update of the zendesk ticket is reflected immediately in the Pipeliner CRM task status.

Dynamic Activities

Opportunity Fitness

Opportunity Fitness

The Pipeliner CRM Fitness feature, totally unique to Pipeliner, answers the question of how "fit" an opportunity is to close.

We have brought together several different parameters to indicate an opportunity's fitness. Here is how these parameters, along with color coding, are utilized:

Green: Fit

  • There are activities scheduled related to this opportunity, AND
  • There are no overdue tasks related to this opportunity, AND
  • The opportunity is on target to close on time.

Yellow: Attention

  • There are no scheduled activities related to this opportunity

Red: Action

  • The closing date is overdue, OR
  • There is an overdue task related to this opportunity.

The Fitness feature can be seen throughout Pipeliner CRM. It is part of Opportunity Detail, the Pipeline and Bubble Chart views, where opportunities are shown against time, and many other places.

Fitness is also part of Pipeliner's filter functionality, allowing you to filter deals as to their current state of fitness.

Report Enhancements

Colorize Columns—With a number of our reporting features, you can now add color to columns. Choose from eight predefined colors for column fill. Add additional focus to detail for you and your users--another totally unique Pipeliner CRM feature.

Freeze Panes—This feature allows you to lock a row or column in place, making it always visible when scrolling vertically or horizontally through a report.

Report Enhancements

Mobile Enhancements

We have also made several enhancements to Pipeliner Mobile CRM—Pipeliner on the go!

Mobile Enhancements

Notification Center

The same Notification functionality that is available through the PIpeliner desktop version is available on Pipeliner Mobile CRM.

Products and Services

Pipeliner's powerful product catalogue functionality, which allows you to place your catalog right within Pipeliner CRM, is now fully available on Pipeliner Mobile CRM.

Sales KPI Dashboard

Within Mobile CRM, the Pipeliner Sales KPI Dashboard now includes

  • Top won opportunities (bar chart)
  • Top lost opportunities (bar chart)

With our unique wheel chart, you can also compare won, lost or open opportunities by:

  • Account Class
  • Account Type
  • Owner
  • Unit

Pipeliner CRM—Instant Intelligence, Visualized!

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