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Pipeliner CRM Version 12.0 — Chronology

As anyone in a sales position knows, a CRM solution is only as good as the data that can be extracted from it and used to control and manage sales. This is especially true in today's hectic, lightning fast, highly competitive sales environment.

With our latest release, Chronology, Pipeliner CRM brings this truth even more to life. For with this release we introduce Advanced Reporting.

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Pipeliner CRM Chronology

Advanced Reporting

In addition to all the powerful Pipeliner CRM Reporting Features that users have come to count on, we have now added a whole new dimension: Advanced Reporting. This feature allows you to you combine any record type (opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, products, feeds, notes, activities) or report type (standard or pivot) into one single report, using our new Report Builder.

Report Builder is a visual editor for reports. The Report Builder screen lets you work with opportunities, accounts, leads and contacts, and define their relations. You can also work with report fields, and define custom filters for each report type.

Pipeliner CRM Chronology Advanced Reporting

Pipeliner CRM Chronology Opportunity Management

Enhanced Opportunity Management

To Pipeliner's totally visual opportunity management, we have now added a label feature—you can now label opportunities so that priorities are instantly viewed:

  • Focus—this is a top priority lead or opportunity that should be worked right away
  • Hot—this is a hot lead or opportunity that should be worked as the buyer is very active
  • Stalled—The opportunity is stuck from the buyer point of view. 

Sales Step Quick View

There is crucial data that applies to each of your sales steps. As with many other Pipeliner features, we have reduced it to a powerful, visual simplicity with the Sales Step Quick View.

In this view, you can see:

  • Open vs. Lost: showing you the total value of the deals in that stage, as well as the value of deals that have been lost in that stage.
  • Drop-Off Rate: Shows you the average percentage of deals that drop off in this stage.
  • Average Days in Step: Shows you how long a deal is remaining in that sales step.
  • Ready to Move: Shows you the number of deals that are ready to move to the next sales step.
  • You also have the number of velocity issues, and can click through and see those.
Sales Step Quick View

Pipeliner CRM Chronology Task Management

Enhanced Sales Task Management

With the release of Pipeliner CRM Chronology, you can invite other users as well as contacts to appointments, and can track an email as an activity. You can also set a default due date for tasks, if it is helpful. 

Pipeliner CRM Mobile Enhancements

We know that CRM must serve salespeople wherever they are—and salespeople are often far away from their desks and offices. We have made Pipeliner Mobile CRM even more empowering for salespeople on the go. Pipeliner's most important features are all available as part of the mobile version. Additionally:

  • Pipeliner's powerful Pipeline View feature is now part of Mobile CRM, along with its new labeling feature.
  • Our KPI Dashboard feature has now been fully integrated with Mobile CRM.
Pipeliner CRM Chronology Mobile

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