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“Over 1,000 Years of Combined Experience”

Outrageous as that might seem, in our case it's a fact: at Pipeliner we have brought together over 1,000 years of experience in software programming, marketing and success.

The best possible team for any company is composed of members that possess demonstrated competence and readily produce results. It is these traits, among many others, that are inherent in our team. Additionally they are a mix of the young and the very experienced. This unique quality brings the best of both worlds: the proven skill of the experienced with the fresh perspective of the young.

A Global Company

Our team, consisting of 75 staff, is located throughout the world. the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and India. Not only does this diversity provide a global perspective to sales and marketing, but provides a significant cost savings over companies wholly located in the US. As an example our development team is located in Slovakia which makes it 75 percent less expensive than in the US—with equal or better quality.

Unlike many tech companies, we have paid equal attention to our business skills and have placed proven, competent individuals in both business and technical positions.


Nikolaus Kimla

Nikolaus Kimla, Owner, Founder and CEO

Nikolaus is a true entrepreneur: over the last 40 years he has created six businesses, three of which are still going strong today. His experience in the software industry goes back over 20 years to his founding of uptime ITechnology. uptime was responsible for the creation of risk intelligence platform World-Check, ultimately sold to Thomson Reuters for $530 million. To this day, programming of World-Check is still done by uptime.

Following World-Check’s development Nikolaus's attention turned to sales—for he felt that salespeople were seriously undervalued and unsupported in today's business world. Thus began the 8-year journey that ultimately resulted in Pipeliner CRM.


Karnali Projektenwicklung AG

Karnali Projektentwicklung GmbH - an Austrian private equity company specializing in seed financing - was established in 2007. In 2009 Karnali acquired 43% of uptime ITechnologies and has thus been supporting the development of Pipeliner CRM since the very beginning. The fruitful partnership with Nikolaus Kimla led to the spin-off and subsequent incorporation of Pipelinersales Inc. in the US in 2013. Apart from software development, Karnali has investments in various industries such as facility management, event management, sports accessories and is also involved in real estate and film production.


We believe that management should only be composed of experienced and proven personnel. According to renowned economist and management scientist Fredmund Malik, “Management is a profession that must be learned.” Our management are the seasoned veterans who can, with their knowledge, not only play by but exceed the “rules of the game.”

John Golden

John C. Golden, Chief Strategy Officer

For nearly 20 years, John successfully ran small and mid-market businesses and business units. In doing so—and in interacting with a multitude of diverse organizations across the globe—he developed a framework for how to identify and target 7 levers that can deliver revenue and margin growth. He utilized these levers to great effect at the last two businesses he ran where at both he achieved record revenues and profit margins.

In addition to his position at Pipeliner, John is the founder and CEO of Focused Revenue Results, Inc., founded to bring his successful business principles to small and medium enterprises. He is the Amazon Best Selling Author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World's Greatest Military Victories, and has recently published his second book Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling.


Heinz Fischer

Heinz Fischer, Data and Integration Officer

Heinz oversees Pipeliner development and company operations in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is responsible for the management of CRM internal systems and processes, as well handling all marketing automation systems and processes.

He has over 25 years experience in IT management and senior management, in fields as diverse as computer sales, ecommerce, and technical support.

Gerald Toumayan

Gerald Toumayan, Chief Operating Officer

Gerald came to Pipeliner with a demonstrated record of exceeding profitability goals across all divisions, turning around under-performing areas and staff, and driving increased revenues and market share while upholding company philosophy.

He is experienced in leadership across multiple companies with their own product lines and customer bases, and in creating new partnerships and agreements in different markets.

For the 7 years prior to Pipeliner, Gerald was COO of Every Child Achieves, a leading Southern California pediatric services company. In addition to successfully managing all aspects of company operations and 350 staff, his duties included the rapid restructure of the company as needed to overcome state budget cuts and remain profitable.

Previous experience includes successful sales operations management in 2 different software companies.

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