The Pipeliner Difference

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Welcome to what makes Pipeliner Unique & Different

Many technology platforms are built upon the assumptions and/or the relatively narrow experience of the creators themselves. This leads to one-dimensional or restrictive systems that force a particular path upon the end userUser User means a person who uses or consumes a product or a service, usually a digital device or an online service..

Pipeliner in contrast is built upon the foundations of enduring and proven business theory, driven by a belief in the nobility of sales, and underpinned by a dedication to providing as much autonomy as is practical to users of our CRM.

This subsite takes you on a journey deep into why we do things differently at Pipeliner.

The „What Makes Pipeliner Different“ site
is divided into five key areas…

Humans & Technology In Harmony with Pipeliner CRM
Fundamental Error in Today's Approach to Sales by Pipeliner CRM
Theory & Practice of Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner CRM Superior Navigation Principles
Pipeliner CRM › Vital In Times of Crisis