CRM (R)Evolutionized –
Instant Intelligence, Visualized!

Pipeliner CRM Mobile

Powerful Pipeliner CRM on the go!


Always know where your sales are happening.


Far beyond the traditional CRM dashboard concept.

Sales Target

Dynamic Target: Goal always visible and front-of-mind.


Powerful, visual sales activity management.

Buying Center

Map out who is influencing the sale and the role they play.

Why is Pipeliner CRM so popular with Sales Professionals?

Pipeliner CRM is CRM software designed to actually empower sales professionals: it is Instant Intelligence, Visualized. A CRM system is only as good as the way it presents data for salespeople and sales management to use—not everyone has the same requirements and preferences. For that reason, we give you multiple ways to view your data. Download a free trial now, or explore the links below to learn more.

Where Do Salespeople Work the Most?

Over the years, many millions of salespeople have become used to working in MS Outlook or Gmail. When you get a new, fantastic tool like Pipeliner CRM, it’s only natural to want to continue working in your email platform, while taking advantage of Pipeliner’s Instant Intelligence, Visualized.

Well, now you can! With Pipeliner CRM, you can continue work right within Gmail or Outlook email platforms, while viewing and using all Pipeliner CRM data.

Maximize the tools you already use—no disruption, no switching between systems.

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Pipeliner CRM Gmail and Outlook Integration

Easy Data Import

Import data from email instantly into CRM.

Supercharge Productivity with Pipeliner CRM Microsoft Suite

All About Productivity

Work in Pipeliner without leaving behind the tools you know and love.

Supercharge Productivity with Pipeliner CRM Microsoft Suite

We know that in addition to Pipeliner CRM, you utilize many different apps in your daily work. To make that work simpler and easier, Pipeliner integrates with the leading Microsoft Office suite of products.

With the Microsoft Office Suite installed, one click is all it takes for you to start working on the right document right away.

No more endless hunting through file directories to find the last updated version of your sales proposal or PowerPoint presentation. The Microsoft Office Add-In App allows you to keep all your sales documents effectively organized and makes them instantly accessible right from within your virtual sales pipeline in Pipeliner CRM. You can save your Office documents and templates directly into Pipeliner CRM to provide your sales team with shared access to your most important sales resources.

The Pipeliner CRM Microsoft Office Suite includes productivity add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Microsoft Project.

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You always know where to focus with Pipeliner CRM Navigator

Pipeliner has moved well beyond the concept of a standard CRM dashboard to far more targeted and innovative ways of delivering instant intelligence to the user. Includes 5 basic powerful components, all in a single view:

  1. Activity Stream
  2. Target Overview
  3. Notifications
  4. Suggestions
  5. Business Overview

Along with Pipeliner’s advanced filtering and profiling capabilities, Navigator immediately helps the user cut out the noise, easily navigate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important.

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Pipeliner CRM Navigator

Dynamic Target

The Dynamic Target and all relevant data are always front and center.

Sales Process Feature

Sales Process Management

Precisely monitor, track and manage all opportunities. 

You can create, manage and track your own Sales Process

From the very beginning, Pipeliner was designed for the precise purpose of being customizable to a company's sales process. Within minutes, Pipeliner is instantly adaptable to a company's specific sales process stages. If a sales process changes down the line (which often happens with a dynamic sales process) it can be immediately updated.

  • Drag-and-drop your Sales Opportunities from one Stage to another
  • Track, Manage and analyze your Opportunities and your Sales Pipeline in one screen
  • Visual Sales Pipeline gives you instant overview of your business

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Advanced Reporting

In addition to all the powerful Pipeliner reporting features that users have come to count on, we have now added a whole new dimension: Advanced Reporting. This feature allows you to you combine any record type (opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, products, feeds, notes, activities) or report type (standard or pivot) into one single report, using our new Report Builder.

Report Builder is a visual editor for reports. The Report Builder screen lets you work with opportunities, accounts, leads and contacts, and define their relations. You can also work with report fields, and define custom filters for each report type.

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Pipeliner CRM Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting brings a whole new precision and dimension to reporting.

Pipeliner CRM Performance Insights

Focus on Sales Team

Know exactly where your salesteam stands, and where they need to go.

You can manage, coach and mentor your sales team

With Pipeliner Performance Insights you can instantly see how sales is performing using using 5 Key Performance Indicators: Deal Created, Deals Converted, Lost Deals, Value of Won Deals, and Value of Lost Deals. You can even see your own results and see how well you are performing. It’s easy to compare the performance of your salespeople—simply select the KPIs that you are interested in, and turn on the graph view for the individuals or sales units you want to compare.

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Pipeliner CRM On The Go!

Today’s business environment can be called many things—but one of them could certainly be “mobile.”

This is especially true of sales. Salespeople by nature are getting out, reaching out to prospects, visiting them, looking them up at trade shows or conferences. They also might be meeting them in social settings that have nothing to do with work.

When such things occur, you’ll often need access to your CRM. Pipeliner knows this, and for that reason provides a robust Mobile App for Pipeliner CRM.

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Pipeliner CRM Mobile App

Increase Your Sales on the Go!

Pipeliner CRM Mobile

A CRM That Actually Supports You!

Pipeliner was developed to empower salespeople and sales managers—not weigh sales reps down with data entry and provide a complex and difficult-to-use application for managers. Just listen to our customers—Pipeliner means smooth navigation of today’s sales complexity for all concerned.