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The first CRM that's a complete selling system.

Now your team always knows where to focus, what to do and when to do it.

Insights close deals

Effortlessly manage your sales process from lead to close to loyal customer.

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Data in harmony

Define milestones within your sales process to reduce risk and increase predictability.

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Art of Sales

Specify key activities within each sales stage needed to move sales opportunities forward.

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These sales professionals love Pipeliner CRM.

S. Sterling Company Logo
Pipeliner CRM
The biggest change is visibility. Right behind that would be accountability. It’s really the ease of use—I don’t know how else to put it. It’s very user-friendly the way that you set up an Opportunity, add the contacts to the Opportunity, and then start managing that Opportunity within your activity calendar. Everything ties together very nicely. It’s not cumbersome in the least.

National Sales Manager, S. Sterling Company
Rentals United Logo
Pipeliner CRM
As far as I’m concerned, Pipeliner is the most user-friendly sales CRM system on the market today.

Sales and Development Manager Rentals United
Whole Harvest Logo
Pipeliner CRM
I loved the visual structure of it. I am a sales guy at heart. There’s nothing that salespeople hate, if they’re good salespeople, worse than paperwork and reporting. It is the bane of my existence. Pipeliner is the least intrusive CRM. It is very sales-forward.

National Sales Manager of Whole Harvest Foods
PK Companies Logo
Pipeliner CRM
It used to be that on Friday we would sit in three sales meetings for three different companies, reviewing the previous week. It would be an all-day event. Now we have everything updated on Thursday with Pipeliner CRM, and everybody has full vision because it’s completely transparent. When we step into a meeting on Friday, it’s three 45-minute sessions (one for each company). You multiply 6 hours a day times 15 people, and that is an incredible savings.

PK Companies Marketing Manager
U.S Dynamics Logo
Pipeliner CRM
Being able to see where everything is in the quotations process just beats looking at a line item in a proposal database. It’s the visualization of our pipeline. Plus it’s fully customizable, it’s easy to use, tech support is great, and it’s affordable.

USD’s Marketing Coordinator
Tensator Logo
Pipeliner CRM
Tensator has found Pipeliner to be an easy to use business tool, which has both minimised the administrative overhead on our sales team and assisted us in achieving our business goals.

Chief Financial Officer at Tensator
Hunt Big Sales Logo
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner Dashboard provides an immediate picture of your deal status to ensure you don't miss any details as each deal moves through the sales process. I also find it very helpful to have all the required documents easily available at each step and tied to each prospect. This software provides an easy and efficient way to see and use the sales process for our deals.

President at Hunt Big Sales
Tiger Coating Logo
Pipeliner CRM
I used to literally have a drawer full of paper with the testing that we’ve performed. Now I just take all that data and upload it on Pipeliner. If there’s ever a problem I just go back and look it up.

Architectural, Lighting, and Agriculture Product Manager at Tiger Coating
Stimme Logo
Pipeliner CRM
I noticed right away that Pipeliner worked differently from the other vendors. It was visual — not dry spreadsheets but instantly understandable in pictures — and intuitive. I didn’t need a thick manual. Nobody thinks in ‘database structures’. I wanted easy and visual — and Pipeliner delivered. I remember saying, ‘Yes, this is what i need! It shows me the sales process and how I move from stage to stage.’ If I need a printed report, well, I can have that, but it’s the ability to just see what’s going on that is most useful to me.

Founder Stimme.at
Juniper Systems, Inc. Logo
Pipeliner CRM
We have been very pleased with Pipeliner. From a management perspective, I have really enjoyed the ability to customize the look to match our sales process. It has also been great to have 100% visibility on the progress of each project/opportunity as it moves through the pipeline. Can’t wait for the added CRM capability forthcoming!

Vice President Sales & Marketing at Juniper Systems, Inc.
Gefen Logo
Pipeliner CRM
Our management has successfully used Pipeliner CRM for many years. They can get a real time overview of all internal sales activities simply by clicking a button. More importantly, our sales team loves to use it and, as a result, we were able to track a tremendous increase in sales.

Managing Director at Gefen
ManpowerGroup Logo
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner – a great strategic sales tool to keep your sales opportunities on track. The system helps the Sales Team to track efforts into money. It’s easy to handle, available everywhere, and suitable with almost all common tools like Outlook. Pipeliner gives a quick and detailed overview about leads and opportunities. It´s easy to set up and a tool that supports companies to bring a structure in the sales circle.

Sales Support at ManpowerGroup
evolutionplan Systemhaus Logo
Pipeliner CRM
With Pipeliner, we know exactly where we are, what comes next, and how we will end up at the end of this year. Can you show me any other tool that gives you such an excellent answer and insight into all your business needs?

Co-founder and Managing Director

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Pipeliner CRM
Above all Pipeliner CRM is easy to use. It's design is elegant and it's simple to enter and track new opportunities.
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner is a fresh new way to look at the traditional sales pipeline.
Pipeliner CRM
Intuitive, keeps me on track of all my accounts like never before.
Pipeliner CRM
It provides your salespeople with a complete picture of their book of business.