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Pipeliner CRM — It’s All About Sales!

We are a sales enablement tool. We focus on pipeline management, sales process & analytics.

Pipeliner CRM: It’s All About Sales!

Pipeliner CRM Mobile

Powerful Pipeliner CRM on the go!


Far beyond the traditional CRM dashboard concept.


Always know where your sales are happening.

Sales Target

Dynamic Target: Goal always visible and front-of-mind.

CRM Activities/Tasks

Powerful, visual sales activity management.

Buying Center

Map out who is influencing the sale and the role they play.

To Maximize Revenue, You Need a Simple, Winning Formula:

Sales CRM to Maximize revenue with a simple, winning formula


Visual Pipeline


Sales Stages
Buyer Actions
Seller Activities


Buying Center
Org Chart



As a Sales Leader what is most important to you?

Instantly, dynamically, visually

  • review your pipeline
  • forecast sales
  • manage revenue risk
  • collaborate with your sales team

Optimize how your salespeople sell

  • uniform and predictable
  • right target buyer(s)
  • focusing on the right leads

Access to real-time data

  • analyse win/loss rates
  • review sales person/team/territory performance
  • set key sales metrics & goals
  • leading & lagging indicators
Opportunity Management, review pipeline, forecast sales, collaborate

Sales Target

Always know where you are in relation to your revenue target.

Optimize how your salespeople sell

Sales Actions

Define what actions salespeople should take.

Real-time data, review sales person/team/territory performance

Sales Indicators

Instantly & visually compare salespeople, team & territory performance.

What Do Your Salespeople Need?

Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn visual sales tool

  • intelligently cuts through the noise
  • focuses on high value activities
  • everything in one place (no need for multiple tools)

Easy to follow visual sales process

  • clear pathway through the sales cycle
  • guidance on correct actions & activities

Easy to identify, profile & chart

  • buyers and their roles in a sales process
  • key contacts in an organization for account management 
Visual sales tool, focuses on high value activities


System intelligently suggest other actions to take.

Visual Sales Process, clear path through the sales cycle

Sales Activities

Scheduling and managing activities is fast & simple.

Identify buyers roles in a sales process

Buying Center

Map out and identify who is influencing the sale.

Mobile CRM and Desktop CRM

Pipeliner CRM Mobile

Most visual & advanced mobile CRM App available.

Email integration - MS Outlook & Gmail

Contact Management

Create accounts, contacts & more directly from your email.

Web Clipper & Google Forms

Pipeliner CRM Web Clipper

Capture leads straight from the web into Pipeliner - no manual data entry!

Easy to access

  • desktop
  • mobile
  • online & offline

Easy to use with current email system

  • MS Outlook
  • Gmail

Easy to grab data off the web

  • Web Clipper
  • Google Forms

If increasing sales is critical for your organization,
what is stopping you taking action today?

Pipeliner CRM software review

There’s just so many sales tools out there with new ones coming out constantly.

No time to really evaluate a new tool.

Pipeliner crm review

Providing salespeople with a host of tools is becoming very costly and very distracting plus they have to be updated, integrated.

CRM is difficult to implement, takes too long, salespeople don’t adopt it and the total cost constantly increases with the need for professional services and consultants to try and get it to work.

Review for Pipeliner CRM

Every vendor seems to make the same promises.

Staying with spreadsheets or a current system just seems easier even when those solutions are obviously not really working.

This is why we decided to take a unique approach to evaluating Pipeliner CRM,
dramatically different from any other vendor.

We will treat you like a customer
even during your trial.
You do the evaluating, we do the work!

This will be the easiest, most productive & least onerous trial you have ever taken!

What will be different about your Pipeliner CRM trial experience?

We will...

CRM software customer experience

Treat You to Our Five-star Customer Experience

You will work with the same people during the trial as you will when you become a customer.

CRM system setup

Setup Your Trial System With Some of Your Real Data and Users

We will treat your trial just as we would a customer implementation. You will be amazed at the speed at which we get you up and running.

Pipeliner CRM free trial process guidance

Proactively Guide You Through the Trial Process

Our customer team will be hands-on with you. We will guide & help you and your users to truly experience using the system. We won’t leave you to figure it for yourselves as other vendors do.

So what will it be like to be an actual Pipeliner customer?

crm onboarding
Implementation and roll-out will be fast and minimally disruptive.

Our customer success team will work proactively with you to implement Pipeliner fully for your organization.

Pipeliner CRM ongoing training
Training Initial & Ongoing

We will train your CRM administrator & end users to get up and running on the system quickly. Then we will continue to train them at intervals to continually improve their proficiency and drive adoption.

Sales CRM success
We are totally invested in your success

Our customer success team will always be available. They will work with you to establish goals for your implementation. And proactively engage with you to ensure milestones are met.

Pipeliner crm multi-level customer support
Multi-level customer support

We have the perfect combination of people & technology. Top class technical support representatives ready to help whenever you need it. Context-sensitive help built right into the application. Plus a host of learning tools such as videos & guides.

You get to experience Pipeliner the product
and Pipeliner the people!