Frequently Asked Questions

 Rest API and GraphQL
No, we do not charge any fees.
See for details. If you don’t see an app listed please contact us at to check.
Yes, we have very comprehensive API documentation.
One -way integrations would be for instance from your ERP system to your CRM, you only want to update the data in the CRM without making any changes to the data in the ERP. Bi-directional integrations are when data and changes can flow both ways and in our example, update both the ERP and the CRM – the important point would be that the user rights and field permissions are clearly defined before you set up any process.
Yes. We have connectors available for, Zapier, PieSync, SyncApps, and others.
Yes, we integrate with many of them – just ask us!
Just obtain the API key and for both GraphQL and REST you can use API Clients like: (free plan) (free plan) (mac, free trial then paid)
Currently, we don’t offer an SDK.
Book a meeting with an Account Manager and they will walk you through the process. Contact if you are not already working with an Account Manager.

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