Microsoft Suite for Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM Microsoft Suite

Our Microsoft suite of integrations delivers a wide range of compatibility with some of the most advanced apps and tools available.

Our Microsoft Suite of Product Integrations includes ⤵

Microsoft 365 & Exchange Email Integrations

When you activate the Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange email integration, Pipeliner will automatically track email communications to and from your Accounts and Contacts. Anytime you send an email from Outlook and the address matches in Pipeliner, it will attach it to the Feeds section. Choose whether to automatically link emails to Accounts and/or Contacts, in addition to which mailboxes you want to utilize for the integration.

  • All emails are tracked in Pipeliner CRM, so the history with the Account or Contact is always available to your entire team.

  • The Microsoft 365 integration allows you to send emails directly from within Pipeliner CRM, including mass emails that can be customized using Pipeliner fields.

  • Additionally, add email signatures, include an unsubscribe link, and create custom email templates to send to clients.

Microsoft 365 & Exchange Email Integrations with Pipeliner CRM software
Microsoft 365 Outlook Inbox Add-In integration with Pipeliner CRM

Microsoft 365 Outlook Inbox Add-In

When you receive an email message, the Outlook Add-In brings you detailed information about the sender of the message within seconds. Easily review all related business you have previously done with that contact, including related leads, opportunities, accounts and even activities. Also, you can create new Pipeliner records directly from any email in your inbox!

  • When you click on any email message, the Pipeliner CRM Add-In detects existing user data directly from your Pipeliner CRM space.

  • Save emails, documents, and attachments. Also, create new leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, and activities directly into Pipeliner CRM.

Microsoft 365 & Exchange Contacts

The Microsoft Contacts integrations allow you to easily add contacts between Pipeliner CRM and Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange. When you set up the integration, select which folders you would like to synchronize your contacts. Additionally, you will have a variety of synchronization options to choose from for which way you want Contacts to be updated.

  • Customize whether you want Contacts synced that you own, or that you can access, and create an entirely new Pipeliner folder to sync within your Outlook Contacts.

  • Pick from multiple different synchronization options to customize how you want Contacts to be sent back and forth between Pipeliner and Outlook:

    • Pipeliner → Outlook
    • Pipeliner ↔ Outlook
    • Pipeliner ← Outlook
Microsoft 365 & Exchange Contacts with Pipeliner CRM
Microsoft 365 Package with Pipeliner CRM

Microsoft 365 Package

Instantly synchronize all of your appointments, meetings, and tasks in real-time by using Microsoft 365 Calendar, Exchange Appointments, or Exchange Tasks. All of your scheduled activities will automatically synchronize both ways, meaning whether you are working in Outlook or Pipeliner, your calendar always stays up to date. Say goodbye to losing track of scheduled appointments!

Calendar, Exchange Appointments & Exchange Tasks

  • Appointments you create in Outlook Calendar will appear in Pipeliner’s Activities menu. Also, appointments you create in Pipeliner will sync to your Outlook Calendar.

  • Create a new Pipeliner Calendar in Outlook so only appointments added to this calendar will be synced to and from Pipeliner.

  • Exchange Tasks enables you to synchronize tasks back and forth (Pipeliner ↔ Microsoft) where you are the owner or editor.

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Microsoft 365 Templates › Word & Excel

The Pipeliner Templates Add-in for Microsoft Office 365 Word and Excel allows you to embed Pipeliner CRM fields directly into Word or Excel documents. Once you have mapped in all Pipeliner CRM fields, you can attach the template directly to any Pipeliner record where it will automatically fill out the fields you mapped. This means you can automate documents that you use regularly, utilizing the template over and over again.

  • Word allows you to effortlessly create a letter, form, or proposal template.

  • Excel enables you to easily craft an order, invoice, or quote template.

  • Once templates are saved, they will be accessible from within Pipeliner CRM so you can populate them with data from any record you create.

Microsoft 365 Templates › Word & Excel with Pipeliner CRM

As time goes on, processes become increasingly automated. Any CRM application you consider should be able to take into account the many applications and data flows you have within your company.

From Selecting Your CRM by Nikolaus Kimla

Microsoft 365 SharePoint with Pipeliner CRM

Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint enables you to use the document management capabilities of SharePoint from within Pipeliner CRM. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, you can easily share your office documents with your sales colleagues on the cloud, making it possible for sales teams to collaborate effectively on common sales goals.

  • SharePoint + Pipeliner CRM helps improve team collaboration, productivity, and will make your sales organization more agile.

  • Share all of your files from SharePoint straight into PipelinerCRM, so you always have access to important documents.

  • Deploy your most important sales documents by attaching them to leads and opportunities.

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