What Does It Take to Be a Pipelinerpreneur?

What is a Pipelinerpreneur? An entrepreneur who has decided to make a business selling and delivering Pipeliner CRM. It is a business at which you could greatly succeed, and Pipeliner Sales offers you a great deal of assistance in building it.

In this ebook, I’m providing a practical program you can use to become an active Pipelinerpreneur. I won’t be providing instruction in learning Pipeliner CRM, because it’s a given that you will learn it on your own. As with any job, you must learn to use your tool—if you’re a carpenter, it might be the perfect hammer, or the perfect brush if you’re a painter. For this job, it’s Pipeliner CRM. We provide a Learning Management System (LMS) integration with which you can easily learn Pipeliner. We also have provided hundreds of pages of product help, along with many videos and even webinars to assist you.

In addition to learning Pipeliner CRM, it’s also important that you learn our approach and philosophy, especially the Network Selling model.

Creating Your Own Business

Having the software well learned—or learning it while you’re studying this ebook—will already help you be a better salesperson. The program in this ebook will add to that. It will help you to be even more skilled and help you create your own business.

The great thing about the Pipelinerpreneur program is that you don’t have to invest money or create your own business idea. All we expect from you is to take it seriously, be willing to learn, and be willing to invest your time. You’ll also need to set your goals and evaluate the different possibilities for your business. We provide and deliver everything else.

My favorite action hero (and countryman) Arnold Schwarzenegger related in one of his speeches that he physically trained for hours and hours daily in his fitness center. But at night, he was studying hard and learning many other things. This is similar to what you will be doing—working during the day, and studying and learning the rest of the time. When you’re young and dedicated, you can even have a full-time job and, at the same time, become a Pipelinepreneur.

Change Your Life

To do all that, you have to decide to change your life. And then to sit down, get to work, and start doing it!

To begin, you need to develop self-awareness. Self-awareness is not complicated. All self-awareness is, really, is honesty with yourself.

If you’re not willing to learn, to work hard, and go that extra mile, you’ll never get anywhere. Your self-awareness will inform you of such. For example, if you’re only investing 30 minutes of training per week to become a basketball star, you’re never going to make it. And your self-awareness, if you listen to it, will tell you that.

The next element you need is confidence. Confidence is sometimes based on natural talent. As an example, I would love to be a good musician. But if I’m honest, I’m not confident in my capability to do that, because I don’t have that talent.

Fortunately, becoming a Pipelinerpreneur doesn’t require natural talent. Learning to sell is not an art, but a craft that anyone can learn. The same is true for becoming a Pipelinerpreneur. You can learn business intelligence. Learn to be value-oriented. Understand why and learn to respect your customer. How being more empathetic can help with your sales.

Getting Down To It

We’ve all been through a bit of hell with covid-19. Perhaps you’re saying, “Covid has ruined my business!” Well, here we’re giving you the opportunity to build a new business. This opportunity comes with no attached risk and no hidden agenda. We want you to become self-sustaining, self-dependent, self-responsible, self-motivated, and self-oriented.

You can make this business any size you want. It’s all a matter of simple mathematics. If you decide that you want to make $30,000 a year, you’ll need to gross $60,000 because we let you keep 50 percent of what you make. How can you make $60,000? Well, we’ll show you exactly how to do that in this ebook. If you want to make $300,000, it’s no big deal. If you want to make $3 million, it’s also not a big deal. It’s just a different approach. It’s up to you to set the right milestones for yourself, the vision for yourself, the mission you want to accomplish.

My Mission

The above describes what we are doing with the Pipelinerpreneur program. My mission is to help every person who wishes to build their own self-sustaining independent business. We at Pipeliner are providing you all the support you need to become a strong business, to become a shining light in the darkness where, right now, hope is necessary. People can truly have the power to live well, support their families, and perhaps support others who have not been previously able to find work.

We’re not taking anything from you for this. Why? Because I strongly believe I was given so much in life, that what I have received I freely give away. The only thing I cannot do for you is the work you must do. I am providing the ideas, a path forward, and even the product.

If you really take a look, no other CRM company in the world is doing anything like this. While others provide training courses or certification—all at a fee—we’re not charging for any of this. We’re only requiring your time and energy.

The Vital Need for CRM

A business like the one you are going to create is crucially important, because every company in the world, now and into the future, needs a CRM system. Covid-19 has pushed the digital agenda 5 years ahead. No organization can live without technology. Today a business is 60% technology and 40% human. Central to the technology of a business is CRM.

So let’s get started in building your business as a Pipelinerpreneur!

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