Pipeliner CRM v3.9.0

February 25th, 2021

We are happy to announce the v3.9.0 release of Pipeliner CRM.
This release includes another exciting batch of new features for our app as well as other improvements to existing functionality.

Please note that some of these features are only available for our Business or Enterprise Tiers.

New Features and Small Enhancements

Insights › Performance

The Performance tab gives you deep and intuitive feedback on the health and performance of each of your Pipelines. Click on a pipeline to drill into deeper Insights, reviewing performance by sales step or by user. You can view the overall pipeline health showing Open vs Lost Opportunities by step or by user, Velocity by step or by user, Conversion Rates or Win Percentages by Step and can choose from counts or values.

You can also access the actionable data by clicking to drill down.

Check our Knowledge Base article to get more information about Insights ›

Customizable Dashboards

The Dashboards feature has been replaced by new customizable Dashboards. You can now set up your custom reports, add a chart to the report and then also choose whether you also want to be able to see the chart as part of the new custom Dashboards.

You can add Report Charts to a Dashboard using the “Add to Dashboard” option or create a new Report from a Dashboard. Note the new option to create a New Report based on an existing Saved Profile. Dashboard layouts can be edited and charts resized to create just the right view.

Available chart types include Pie Charts, Lines (single and multi), Columns (single, stacked, multiple), Bars (single and stacked) as well as system types such as Scorecard.

Check our Knowledge Base article to get more information about Customizable Dashboards ›

Sending Personalized Email

We’ve made email personalization smarter and easier to manage. When you send an email from an Opportunity, for example, we’ll automatically preselect the details for the Primary Contact. When using a template, any field that cannot be filled with personalized information will be highlighted in grey so you can easily identify them. When you click Send, you’ll be able to see exactly which records will be used for personalizing your email.

And you can select any missing records to ensure all fields are completed.

Check our Knowledge Base article to get more information about Sending Personalized Email ›

Release Notes

Pipeliner CRM is getting better and better with each new release. If you´re curious, what other releases we had, please visit our “Release Notes” section.

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