6 Dec 2018

We are happy to announce the Pipeliner CRM Mobile App v1.3.0 of Pipeliner CRM. This release includes even more features from the desktop version, many mobile-related features and stability fixes.

New Features and Small Enhancements

General Improvements

  • We visually updated the AccountAccount Account refers to a record of primary and background information about an individual or corporate customer, including contact data, preferred services, and transactions with your company. and Contact Detail with easy to access actions to call, send messages or write an email.
  • With this new release, we added Target Goal setting to the Target component in the setting section. You can now edit your Target Goal on the go!
  • Introducing Pipeliner Mobile in Spanish and Portuguese. You can now switch the application between three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Minor visual fix – Navigator and Dashboard Cards now have round corners.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.


Release Notes

Pipeliner CRM is getting better and better with each new release. If you´re curious, what other releases we had, please visit our “Release Notes” section.