The Process Manager

An easy Process Manager tool for the Automatizer
Pipeliner CRM Automatizer the process manager

We created an easy-to-use tool to manage all of your processes called…

The Process Manager

  • Visual & Intuitive

  • Hub for tracking all processes

  • Easily add new processes

  • Search for particular processes

  • Filter by Process Owner & Process Status

  • Save time & resources

  • Review performance statistics

Key Columns in the Process List

The “Status” field gives you an instant visual indication of Active (versus Inactive) processes. The “Activity (24 hours)” column gives you an hour by hour snapshot of the times that the process has run over a 24 hour period. Hover over this column to see a summary quick view of the run statistics for the process.

The “Status” field gives you an instant visual indication of Active (versus Inactive) processes

Click on the drop-down arrow at the end of the list on the right-hand side to “Edit”, “Copy” or “Delete” a process.

key Columns in the sales process list - edit and copy and delete

As Automatizer has multiple trigger types, you can also display the “Trigger Type” for each process in the Automatizer Process Manager list view.

opportunities Trigger Type

Clicking on an individual process will open up a detail panel on the right-hand side.

Key Columns in the Sales Process List - detail panel

It is easy to update the Properties of a process:

  • Process Name
  • Process Description
  • Process Owner
  • Process Type

Key Columns in the Sales Process List - Updating process properties

Managing Processes › Statistics & Notifications

In the Process Statistics section, you can get an overview of the run statistics for the “Last 24 Hours”, “Last 7 Days” or “Last 14 Days”.

Managing Processes › Statistics & Notifications - process statistics

There are three main types of notification used to update the Process Owner on the status of their processes:

  • SUCCESS — The process ran successfully.
  • WARNING — an Action in the process ended with a warning.
  • ERROR — An Action or Condition ended with an error.

Plus “Stop” when a process has failed to execute 20 times.

Managing Sales Processes › Statistics & Notifications - process notifications

Automate Sales Processes

The Best Time to Automate Processes is Now!

There is much more that can be done with the Process Manager. It saves an enormous amount of time, just as Automatizer itself saves tremendous time for you and your team.

At Pipeliner, one single process we created is saving our team some 40 hours per week, and overall we’re saving in the neighborhood of 2,000 percent.

Think about what you could do with the Automatizer!

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Nikolaus Kimla CEO of Pipeliner CRMNikolaus Kimla, CEO at Pipelinersales, Inc.

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