CRM Administration has become its own cottage industry over the years – with expensive certifications and all-powerful administrators demanding large salaries and often even support staff. This has somewhat taken control over the CRM away from those working in the business everyday, (i.e. sales managers and other sales support staff).

At Pipeliner we take the view that sales should be looking after their Sales CRM which is why we have put administration back in the hands of end-users – those who work in the business.

sales CRM administration

With Pipeliner there is no need to hire expensive administrators or spend thousands of dollars on certifications.

Sales Managers and other supporting sales teams are the ones who know best how their CRM should be configured. This is why Pipeliner developed visual, intuitive, drag n drop, simple non-tech admin.

Anyone can quickly learn to use the Admin Module – with its color-coding, drag n drop features, easy userUser User means a person who uses or consumes a product or a service, usually a digital device or an online service. rights management, administering Pipeliner is rarely a full-time job.

Think of the time and cost savings! 

Plus it means whenever you need to adjust, tweak or update your version of Pipeliner CRM you don’t have to wait for the techies or beg the all-powerful certified admin, you can do it immediately yourself!