Pipelinersales Inc.: The Timeline

Pipeliner CRM’s history illustrated year by year from concept through to the present day.

The Future Awaits

We take pride in developing smart, sophisticated software that salespeople love. We are dedicated to increasing your sales opportunities and assisting you in your daily sales activities.

We take pride in developing Pipeliner CRM!

Pipeliner CRM quantum leap 2015

2015 – Pipeliner’s Quantum Leap

2015 was a record year for Pipeliner, in numerous ways.

March 2015 brought the new Pipeliner Phaenomena version, with its breakthrough multiple pipelines feature. For the first time, companies could have not just one but as many pipelines as they needed for all of their various processes.

July 2015 brought Principia, the version of Pipeliner that took another great step in Pipeliner’s visual functionality. Pipeliner’s Required Fields feature made it possible for sales management to optionally make certain tasks or activities mandatory before moving onto the next step of the sales process. And the new Visualized Activities step visually turned each activity into its own pipeline, so that progress could be instantly seen and acted upon.

August brought the landmark announcement that Pipeliner Sales, Inc. had been named #257 on Inc. Magazine’s list of 5,000 fastest-growing American companies!

November 2015 brought Pipeliner Arithmetica, yet another great leap ahead for the product. With this version came the Team Insights feature, allowing sales management to instantly compare individual reps or sales teams to each other in terms of productivity. The other milestone feature was Multiple KPIs in Target View, which means that not only sales revenue but any KPI based on a numerical field could be used and compared within Pipeliner’s Dynamic Target feature.

Additionally 2015 was ended with record revenue for the company.

Lead Management

2014 – Great Strides Forward

2014 brought a whole new look and feel for Pipeliner. It included both the product—which had a totally revamped user interface—and our presentation in a brand new web site and newly designed logo.

This was the year that social media was built into our core product, to help businesspeople manage all the pieces of a noisy, distracting sales environment.

And in November 2014, Pipeliner Elements was released, bringing advancements to its totally unique Visual Buying Center functionality—and setting the stage for the breakthrough product advancements which would be coming in 2015.

Integrations - mobile App

2011-2013 – The Integration Years (and the Pipeliner Mobile App!)

Pipeliner joined the mobile revolution with Mobile CRM App, enabling salespeople to work on sales leads and opportunities directly from their mobile devices.

We also made our Pipeliner API available to those who wanted to connect their software with Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner CRM Apps Marketplace now includes great add-ons and add-ins to augment the power of Pipeliner CRM.

Today there are over 50 apps available, with more being added all the time.

CRM cloud

2010 – The Cloud Year

Pipeliner CRM, sales CRM software for the desktop, joined the Cloud computing trend. Using our secure SMART Cloud CRM environment, you could now connect all your sales reps with each other through the shared team sales pipeline.

Pipeliner CRM - Sales CRM Software

2009 – Welcome to the World

In 2009 we welcomed Pipeliner CRM - the first Sales CRM Software that visualizes your sales opportunities — as the Pipeliner beta version, with its first look-and-feel, was released to the world. The idea of visualizing opportunities in a sales pipeline was born.

Market Research

2008 – The Market Research Year

We had the technology, we had strong sales skills, and we had the idea. Now, it was time to find a way to deliver something new into the traditional sales environment. We found out that selling can be even more exciting if you have the right software to support it. We started working on an application that completely influenced and changed your sales through the way you were able to visualize your sales opportunities in the sales pipeline, and apply the software to make you more productive — and happy.

Technology Research

2007 – The Technology Research Year

In order to deliver a revolutionary and modern CRM software solution to an existing sales environment, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the sales software ecosystem.

Our aim was to find a solution that fit to the daily work environment of every salesperson. Salespeople are mainly on the road and don't have 24/7 access to the Internet. Further, they use a variety of operating environments and working platforms. For those reasons, and because we wanted people to be able to work even when Internet service is spotty or nonexistent, we decided to build Pipeliner on the Adobe AIR platform.

Today, Pipeliner CRM is proving its value to thousands of users