New Pipeliner CRM Tagline:

“Open to Close”

„Open to Close…
Want to close the deal? Open the app.“

Nikolaus Kimla • Founder & CEO • Pipeliner CRM

We have just created, for Pipeliner CRM and for the company itself, a new tagline: Open to Close. Why have we created this tagline, and what are its meanings?

Difference to All

We devised this tagline to shine a light on Pipeliner CRM’s impact on individuals, enterprises, and the overall marketplace.

As a company, our perspective is that improved trade leads to an increasingly peaceful and independent world. So far, however, sales tools have been distinctly lacking in understanding how to relate to people in an engaging and engrossing way. This lack has caused friction, resulting in unnecessary costs, decreased efficiency, and impeding the flow of free trade.

We have developed Pipeliner CRM as a communication tool that stands above stagnant competitors. Pipeliner is people-focused, helping foster a strong sense of personal satisfaction through ease of use. The productProduct Product refers to anything (an idea, item, service, process or information) that meets a need or a desire and is offered to a market, usually but not always at a price. is nimble and flexible, adaptable to the individual and the organizationOrganization Organization is a cohesive group of people working together and formally bound by a shared identity (e.g., one team, company, club, etc.) and a common purpose (e.g., business growth, athletic victory, etc.).. Because Pipeliner is different, it effectively causes the market to think differently about sales.

In Contrast to Others

Pipeliner and its new tagline are radically different when compared to competitor taglines. Taglines claim other products to be “#1,” “The Best,” or the one “Teams Love.

These taglines do not conceptually convey a deep understanding of all sales activities within an organization. This is true not only of the taglines but the products themselves. The reason is that other companies have not truly analyzed the real issues for sales teams and sales managers.

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Pipeliner allows salespeople to take control of their opportunities, remain consistent through every stage of the sales processSales Process Sales Process is a series of strategic steps or a set of activities aimed at driving sales growth through the alignment of personnel, market insight, methodologies, relevant business units, and technology., and always stay focused on important priorities. It's the CRM that salespeople actually enjoy using.
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Precise Focus of Pipeliner

Pipeliner CRM is developed for sales reps and managers focused on the consultative sales process, in teams of 20 or more. These types of organizations have specific needs and wants on which we focus. Our product is not for industries such as real estate, health care systems, government, or transactional sales, where typically sales activities do not occur through a consultative process.

As we limit our focus to this specific clientClient A client is an entity who pays another entity for products purchased or services rendered. Also called a customer. type, we do not attract leads that aren’t a good fit for us or where we are not right for our prospects.

Pipeliner’s first impact is efficiency. When an individual or a team becomes efficient, they become productive because they can accomplish more with fewer resources. Productivity, then, leads to profitabilityProfitability Profitability is the potential, degree, metric, ability or relative efficiency of a business to yield financial gain (i.e., profits) after all relevant expenses and costs have been deducted..

Our Tagline’s Numerous Meanings

Our new tagline, Open to Close, brings about a deeper understanding of our focus through its multiple meanings.

An enterpriseEnterprise Enterprise (in the context of sales) is a relatively large organization typically composed of multiple levels, locations, and departments which need multi-layer software systems that support collaboration across a large corporate environment.’s sales process is encompassed by Pipeliner CRM. A sales process begins with something (“open”) and then leads to a close. It is not instant or transactional. “Close” means to end something. This can refer to the end of a sales cycleSales Cycle Sales Cycle is a repeating process characterized by a predictable sequence of stages that a company undergoes as it sells its products and services to customers. or the end of the day when the userUser User means a person who uses or consumes a product or a service, usually a digital device or an online service. closes the app. As a whole, this phrase describes both the user experience and the sales process. More broadly, it also means opening one’s mind to new ways of operating and closing business more quickly.

How the Tagline Applies to Our Company

Pipeliner, in its “open” phase, started small. Our focus was on the development of the product as opposed to the rapid growth of the company, so we wanted to grow the product first for the kind of client companies that we wanted to serve. The type of complex and detailed development that we undertook cannot be accomplished in a short time.

Other CRM developers did not start out in this fashion. Some have even been out to give birth to a “fully fledged” product nearly overnight. How many systems are out there? SelectHub, at this time, lists roughly 1,700 systems in their CRM category, and the majority of these are only usable by smaller companies with less complicated sales situations. Why has this happened? Because, in the SaaSSaaS SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service. industry, investors typically push hard for rapid revenueRevenue Revenue is the amount of money a business generates during a specific period such as a year or a quarter; also called sales. growth numbers to support their investment goals. As such, many of the products coming to market are superficial at best.

The type of functionality we were aiming to program requires years, and focus. As a result, growth is steady, unlike the many shooting stars we see where the vast majority of investment capital has been directed into sales and marketingMarketing Marketing is the field, set of actions, or practice of making a product or service desirable to a target consumer segment, with the ultimate aim of effecting a purchase. to drive hyper-growth. Hyper-topline growth that belies the bottom lines causes losses and brings crushing debt to the balance sheet. This is why many of these products then plateau and ultimately start to backslide because the lack of investment in development means they can’t deliver on the needs of bigger customers or indeed on their own marketing promises. The Pipeliner approach is similar to becoming a violinist, concert pianist, or top athlete. Excellent performance comes about gradually. So that we could build our business, we initially sold the first version of our product, with less functionality, to companies with fewer users, from 2 to 10. This allowed us to continue to invest in the product.

High-end CRM development for big companies can be compared to formulating a vaccine, which can take 15 or 20 years. In this industry, many don’t want to invest the money for such a long runway, in which we created our product incrementally. We decided to be patient and take the time to build our product the way we knew it should be. The “magic sauce” for us was to be able to attract the customers we had in the beginning years and, as we progressed, we were fortunate to add bigger opportunities and more customers, and with them we grew further and arrived where we are today.

When looking back on this strategy, it was, in my opinion, quite profound. No one in this industry was willing to pay for 15 years of development. A highly complex system such as Salesforce did not, in the beginning, have its complexity. Their customers grew with them, and ultimately there was a demand for that product. 15 or 20 years ago, no product had that kind of complexity. But because Salesforce evolved (and purchased) so many features, other systems had to develop them, too, in order to compete. For quite a number of years, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics were the only real competitors in the market because no one had the development power to keep up with them. They also never ceased development.

Had we not taken the strategy we did, we would not have arrived where we have today, in direct competition with—and in many cases, overtaking—the CRM giants. Now, we have genuinely made it from “Open to Close!”

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Customers love Pipeliner CRM

Test it. Keep it. Use it. Love it. Jens Leonhaeuser • Owner • Steilpass
Its features and functionality make it a great CRM at a great price point. Catherine Austill • Advisor • Graphic Partners
It is the best CRM on the market today, don't be fooled by big box or free products. Margye Sullivan • VP • Envision2BWell Inc.
With simple training and general intuition this CRM blows many others out of the water, plus it is a fraction of the cost. Our Franchise units simply love it. Eduardo Pinzon • Director of Operations • Crestcom
A top CRM that has all the features and flexibility you can possibly need and still is easy to learn, administer, configure and use. Hanneke Gieles • Business Development • Prowareness WeOn Groep BV
I have used other CRM's and this has to be the most user-friendly program I have ever used. Denise Schmidt • Sales OperationsSales Operations Sales Operations is a collection of aligned business processes, strategic implementations and other activities aimed at achieving organizational goals, specially in the areas of sales revenue, market coverage and growth. • First Tactical
One of my favorite parts as a sales managerSales Manager Sales Manager is an executive who leads a sales unit, team or department by setting goals and meeting targets, formulating plans and policies, designating tasks, and developing salespeople. is using Pipeliner CRM to run sales campaigns that drive our team to have fun and use the system in a way that drives sales. Luke Wittenbraker • Sales & Marketing DIrector • Mactech
I highly suggest using Pipeliner, it is a tool that has absolutely sky-rocketed our business to where it needs to be. Patrick Bauer • CEO • Amherst Brands