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It’s no secret that the covid19 pandemic has pushed the digital world many years ahead—I would say at least 5 years, perhaps even more. We now see (whether you believe it or not) that with the “3rd wave” of covid19 we need to prepare ourselves for this to be an ongoing situation. The pressure to have a digital strategy is now crucial, and I would say it’s impossible to function as a business if you don’t have one.

The pandemic has caused a transformation in society that is changing everything we do, and how and why we do it. We see these changes in how we produce, how we consume, in transport and endless other sectors. A primary change that has come about is in the way we communicate. Zoom rapidly transformed from a company no one had ever heard of to a world brand. It’s the platform through which much business is conducted and schooling is even done.

Something I find very interesting is that G5—5th generation wireless—was implemented just in time for the pandemic. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but it sure made the difference when we all had to work from home. A couple of years ago, the internet would not have supported the sheer amount of video conferencing that is taking place. The mobile web is just the beginning of this tremendous revolution.

Now, through technology, every company needs to learn to truly focus, and out of that focus to become more efficient. From efficiency comes productivity, and from productivity comes profitability.


Let’s take a look at the crucial role that CRM is playing in this transformation, and why Automatizer is, for the future, the core of our CRM product.

In a recent article I was discussing the need, throughout time, to reduce and eliminate repetitive tasks. But in fact, it’s not so much about reduction, because the word “reduction” is somewhat negative. It’s more the need for support in such tasks. Above we were discussing efficiency, and efficiency is how you optimize work. When you’re at home and you have multiple processes, optimization is difficult when you have to do everything manually.

For the first time in this technology movement we’re in, we now have a system with which someone can automate many different processes. We’ve created an engine for this purpose, that becomes the center of CRM technology. Almost anyone can configure and use it.

I’ve talked before about the most widely used application in history: Microsoft Excel. Just about anyone can pick it up and use it immediately, so extensive study is not required. At the same time, you can dive deep and take years to learn Excel’s more complex functionality in-depth, which many have done. With scripting skills, you can even create automation in Excel.

Today we need different technology, one for the purpose of automating as many repetitive tasks as possible. It must be as simple to pick up and use as Excel. This is why Automatizer, the heart of CRM of the future, was created. It is the hub around which everything else revolves. Like a wheel has spokes, many functions radiate out from this Automatizer hub.

And also like Excel, Automatizer can be used for more sophisticated tasks. It is not only useful for automating the simpler daily repetitive activities, but for more complex work, it allows you to regularly assemble data from multiple touchpoints and summarize or otherwise analyze or utilize it.

The Problem Being Solved

In many ways, Automatizer is the next in a very long line of time and labor-saving devices going back to the beginning of time. Just one example is that somewhere sometime back, somebody got sick and tired of having to wash dishes after every meal, and decided to invent the dishwasher. Another task people became weary of—washing clothes—resulted in the washing machine. When buildings became higher and climbing stairs became too much of a chore, the elevator was invented.

It’s a similar situation today. There are many tasks performed as part of sales that rob the salesperson of value, simply because these tasks could be automated. Such tasks are not only boring, but any intelligent person would ask, “Why do I have a computer? Why isn’t the computer doing this?” As an example, copy-paste was one of the core concepts for the Macintosh computer. It’s now everywhere, and we’ve become very used to it. But if someone performs copy-paste 100 times a day, they would rightly think, “Why can’t the computer do that? It’s a waste of my valuable time.”

Not to Replace Humans

We are definitely becoming wiser with the way we utilize technology. We’re using it to remove repetitive work that normally hinders people in building relationships. That is the heart of automation—it should not replace people, but should free people to pursue their actual purpose, whatever that may be. People were not made to perform repetitive tasks; they become depressed, angry, or upset when they have to do the same thing over and over.

We’re now living in a world where technology can take over simple or complex repetitive tasks, which in fact technology can perform much better than humans. Machines never make mistakes, they are never sick, they work 24/7, and don’t require vacation pay.

The processes you can create with Automatizer are endless. Through creating these processes you become more focused. Here we circle back to the beginning, because out of being focused you learn and become more efficient. Efficiency makes you more productive, and from that productivity comes profitability.

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