Multiple sales pipelines

Why Multiple Pipelines?

Several years back, we developed multiple pipelinePipeline Sales pipelineis a visual representation of the stage prospects are in the sales process. functionality when we realized that many companies had more than one sales processSales Process Sales Process is a series of strategic steps or a set of activities aimed at driving sales growth through the alignment of personnel, market insight, methodologies, relevant business units, and technology..

  • A company might have more than one sales department or multiple productProduct Product refers to anything (an idea, item, service, process or information) that meets a need or a desire and is offered to a market, usually but not always at a price. lines that required different sales processes.

  • A complex consulting-related product or service would have a very different process from a transactional-related short process.

  • A company might have a pre-sales process or an after-sales process in addition to its normal sales process.

Before starting you need to consider…

  • Do you need different processes for different product lines?

  • Do you have a pre-sales process and an after-sales process?

  • Do you have an onboardingOnboarding Onboarding is the process or act of introducing a new customer to your product or service; or integrating a newly hired employee into your workforce or team. process?

Keep each process simple!

The clearer you make the process, the simpler it will be and the more it will be followed by the users.

Setting Up Pipelines › The Steps


There are going to be specific activities within each process step.

What kinds of actions should a salesperson take, for example, in the Discovery phase?

For example, the salesperson asks for the prospect to define their business needs.

There will then be follow-up steps, such as sending a thank-you note and possibly more information.

Generally, these kinds of actions are based on a particular sales methodology, and Pipeliner embraces any sales methodology a company uses.

As you can see below, Pipeliner CRM allows you to set up precisely what activities should occur in a particular sales process step within a pipeline.

Particular sales process step within a pipeline.

Attach documents in a particular stage (from the G-suite, or Word or Excel) & these documents can even be automatically filled out.

Attach documents in a particular stage
Sales velocity tracking

Sales Velocity

Along with win probabilities, the architect administrator should set up probable velocity—how long an opportunity or other process object normally remains in a particular step.

As with win probabilities, velocities can be visually set up within Pipeliner’s Performance Insights. You can then view the velocities you’ve set up as what should be, against the actual velocities in the real world. They, too, can be adjusted as needed.

As you can see, we have provided the sales managerSales Manager Sales Manager is an executive who leads a sales unit, team or department by setting goals and meeting targets, formulating plans and policies, designating tasks, and developing salespeople. the capacity to set up performance indicators in the system, monitor them, and correct them. Pipeliner is highly flexible, which means that nothing is set in stone.

You can easily make changes and adjustments to any of the above parameters as needed, never slowing down sales to tweak the system.

Win Probability

Once the stages of a particular pipeline are laid out, the architect administrator should calculate the win probability for each process step.

This is yet another unique functionality for Pipeliner. Each phase has its own probability, which you can change as needed. Each progressive stage has a higher win probability—the closer you get to the end, the closer the probability comes to 100 percent. Pipeliner Performance Insights visually shows you if the win probabilities you have set for each stage are correct.

You can see the probabilities set in the back end compared with the actual probabilities based on real-world performance.

You can then adjust your expected win probabilities as needed.

Win probability with Sales leads

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