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From Pipeliner CRM
Happy Holidays :)
Happy Holidays from all of us at Pipeliner CRM!
From all of us at Pipeliner CRM!
We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers, partners, and anyone else connected to Pipeliner CRM for all of your support in 2021.

Winning together and growing together is both an exhilarating and humbling experience and we look forward to what 2022 brings to all of us.

Now is the time, however, to focus on family, friends, and spreading goodwill — so from all of us here at Pipeliner have a Wonderful Holiday Season!
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Pipeliner Resource Center
⛑ Support
Pipeliner Resource Center
We have gathered a comprehensive collection of resources to help you not just with Pipeliner but the business of sales in general. Plus we are constantly adding to this so check back frequently.
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Pipeliner YouTube Channel
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Pipeliner YouTube Channel
We continue to add instructional and informative videos to our YouTube channel on a regular basis so make sure to hit the subscribe and notifications buttons so you never miss a new video!
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Email Sequencing • Video Playlist
📺 Video
Email Sequencing Video Playlist
We have put together a comprehensive playlist of Email Sequencing related videos to give you a better overview of how to use this great new feature.
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Featured ExFind Expert • Zev Siegl
Pipeliner CRM
Featured ExFind Expert
Zev Siegl
Starbucks Founding Partner
Zev is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed. Globally recognized business keynote speaker, consultant, and business start-up advisor.

Don’t forget as a customerCustomer Customer is an individual or an organization that purchases a product or signs up for a service offered by a business. you have access to the ExFind database of global experts and practitioners should you need to find someone to help you with a project or challenge in your business.
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Pipeliner CRM • TIPS & TRICKS
25 Pipeliner Tips for the Holidays
Holiday Calendar • 25 Pipeliner Tips for the Holidays
We are counting down the Holidays with a new Pipeliner tip every day up to December 25th — check them out each day here...
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25 Pipeliner Tips for the Holidays
Pipeliner CRM
Pipeliner’s CMSO featured on Retention Talk Podcast
John Golden, Chief Strategy & MarketingMarketing Marketing is the field, set of actions, or practice of making a product or service desirable to a target consumer segment, with the ultimate aim of effecting a purchase. Officer at Pipeliner CRM spoke with the folks at Retention Talk about the perpetuity of customer experience, expansion revenueRevenue Revenue is the amount of money a business generates during a specific period such as a year or a quarter; also called sales., and how being focused gives you the best opportunity to succeed.
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Pipeliner’s CMSO featured on Retention Talk Podcast
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Nina Cooke • How to Get Over the Fear of Sales Calls
How to Get Over the Fear of Sales Calls
In this Expert Insight Interview, Nina Cooke discusses how to get over the fear of sales calls. Nina is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. She helps entrepreneurs break through limiting beliefs to achieve their business goals, create impact, and above all, make more money.
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Nikolaus Kimla
Nikolaus Kimla
CEO Pipelinersales Inc.
A serial entrepreneur, Nikolaus is the driving force behind Pipeliner with a singular vision to deliver the most effective CRM solutionSolution Solution is a combination of ideas, strategies, processes, technologies and services that effectively helps an organization achieve its goals or hurdle its challenges. possible. He is dedicated to helping salespeople and sales leaders to be more efficient, productive and ultimately, more successful.

Let Us Introduce You To Pipeliner CRM

We look forward to showing you how Pipeliner CRM helps empower sales to maximize revenue.

We will guide you through the productProduct Product refers to anything (an idea, item, service, process or information) that meets a need or a desire and is offered to a market, usually but not always at a price. and present all the benefits.