End-User Setup Items

Getting the most out of Pipeliner CRM!

On this page, we have highlighted a selection of important items for any End User to consider. We also have a very comprehensive site that outlines all the different ways we can help and support you — so make sure you visit this site and bookmark it for future reference.

Connecting Your Email!

One of the first and most critical things you should do is connect to your email – whether that is MS Outlook or Gmail – this will allow you to seamlessly work with both your email and Pipeliner. This will help with efficiency and allow you to easily integrate Pipeliner into your daily work practices.

For more information please visit our Help Pages where there is also step-by-step guidance on how to set up Outlook to work with Pipeliner CRM.

To get more information please see step-by-step guidance on how to set up Gmail to work with Pipeliner CRM and visit our Help Pages.

Mobile CRM Application

You may not always have your laptop with you but you always have your smartphone and Pipeliner has the most advanced and usable Mobile CRM App on the market.

More Mobile CRM Resources:

Sales Micro-Marketing

Pipeliner has automated email capabilities that you can personalize to ensure your sales outreach is optimized.

Pipeliner has automated email capabilities to ensure that sales outreach is optimized. We give you all the necessary tools at your fingertips to create, manage, and track your own micro-marketing campaigns.

More Sales Resources:

Automation by Automatizer

Pipeliner has a no-code automation engine called the Automatizer that can be manually used by end-users!

Your Admin or Sales Manager can set up automated workflows or processes that you manually trigger — but so can you as an end-user set up your own automations!

More Automatizer Resources:

Additional End User Resources

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