Sales Management with Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is the only really effective tool available today in the market

There is no system in the industry today like Pipeliner CRM, one that empowers precision sales management through CRM. Therefore we can truly say that Pipeliner CRM is the only really effective tool available today in the market.

There are four major elements that if focused on will increase sales management efficiency:

  • Effective Lead Management

  • Precise Opportunity Management

  • Precise Account Management

  • The War Room

  • To go into further detail download the E-book “Sales Management Through Pipeliner CRM” which covers all of these topics and more extremely comprehensively.

Lead Management

There are multiple ways of inputting leads into Pipeliner:

Manual entry

Pipeliner is highly intuitive & efficient making manual entry of leads fast and easy.
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CSV file import

Import your Leads (with or without Accounts and Contacts) using our drag & drop wizard
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Web Forms

Directly capture & import lead data from web lead forms such as Google forms.
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Web Clipper

Clip pages such as LinkedIn profiles & create contacts, accounts, opportunities & leads
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Once in Pipeliner CRM there is great flexibility in what can be done with them, including:

  • Dedicated Lead View

  • Assign leads to reps

  • Lead scoring

  • Convert to Opportunity

  • Move lost leads to Archive

Pipeliner CRM is extremely flexible so it can be tailored to a company’s exact processes.

Read more about precise lead management in Pipeliner CRM.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management consists of, first, setting up a sales process. A sales process should be dynamic & Pipeliner CRM is so flexible that you can instantly make changes.

The easier it is for a sales manager to visually see the pipeline and opportunities, the more effective sales management will be.

With Pipeliner data can be manipulated instantly and dynamically and seen by anyone involved.

Opportunity Management Views

Pipeliner CRM provides many different ways of viewing Opportunity information including

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management, in each of its phases, should be totally aligned to the sales target for that sales period. Pipeliner is also unique in this regard in that the target for the current sales period is always in view, and therefore always in mind for the sales team and sales manager.

Pipeliner CRM offers five different target views:

Unweighted Sales Target

The value of all opportunities in a pipeline without any closing probability percentages.

Weighted Sales Target

The Weighted Target is equal to the sum of the total opportunity values in each sales stage, multiplied by the probability of closure for that sales process stage.

Ranked Target

Each rep has the ability to apply a personal ranking to each of their opportunities, from one to five stars based on their confidence in the deal.

Balanced Target

This can be looked at as a “worst-case scenario”, because it balances the Weighted Target and the Ranked Target.

Won Target

This Target represents the actual closed or won opportunities.

Account Management

Pipeliner CRM provides for precise Account Management to ensure existing customers are properly monitored and serviced:

Account Classes

An Account record field that can be used to classify the “value” of the Account.

Org Chart

Visually show where in their company your buyer sits, and who they report to.

Buying Center

Visually show who is influencing the purchase, even external influences such as a consultant.

Relationship Graph

Visually map the networks and relationships that you need to be aware of.

Account Permissions

Control access to what different users can see and what they can edit.

War Room

The war room meeting is centered around the overall target for a sales period.  You need a visual tool like Pipeliner CRM to execute it efficiently and consistently. Here are some elements to use in your War Room meetings (for even more detail click here):

Target Views

For example, rep historically closes 10% of opportunities so their Unweighted Sales Target needs to be at least 10x the goal.
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Power Panel Filter

For example, you can exclude early-stage opportunities that are not likely to close during the time period you are looking at.
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The Archive

In the Archive which is unique to Pipeliner – you can view all lost opportunities with the same detail as active opportunities.
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Forecast Tool

Instantly see how much is in the pipeline against the forecasted amount, how much individual reps are forecasting, and what they have reached so far.
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