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Pipeliner CRM Announces Automata

CRM Revolutionized—Instant Intelligence Visualized

Pipeliner CRM Automata - Version 9.0

Los Angeles, CA, March 23rd, 2016—Pipeliner CRM today announced its new, market-redefining release Automata. Central to this release is Pipeliner Navigator which brings a level of real-time intelligence and proactive guidance never before seen in a CRM. Designed to deliver instant focus and clarity, Navigator is the answer to the increasingly complex world in which sales professionals operate.

The name Automata comes from a book written by Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria (c10-c70 A.D.) which is considered some of the first formal research into cybernetics, the science of effective organization in relation to understanding and dealing with complex systems. Pipeliner has uniquely applied cybernetics to sales and created a new, ground-breaking featured called Navigator.

Navigator draws upon all the different and complex data sources in the system to deliver proactive insights, advice and guidance to the sales professional in one visual, easily understood screen. This provides the kind of instant, actionable intelligence that separates Pipeliner CRM from other CRM systems that are in essence, passive repositories of information.

Everyone agrees that sales is getting harder and the selling environment more complex and Pipeliner has risen to this challenge by applying cybernetics to the problem. With Pipeliner Automata and its central feature, Navigator, we are once again showing that if you approach complexity skillfully, you can extract insight, guidance and intelligence from it and then deliver it in a way that sales professionals can easily consume and use. Now a sales professional or indeed any user of Pipeliner can start their day with the Navigator screen where they will immediately be shown where they need to focus and what they need to address. This is a huge step forward in efficiency, effectiveness and time management which will quickly translate into more time spent selling and growing pipelines.

Nikolaus Kimla
CEO of Pipeliner CRM

Navigator consists of 5 basic components, all visible on the same page:

  • Activity Stream— On the right-hand side of the Navigator users will see the Activity Stream--a list of activities, tasks, and opportunities in date order, beginning with the closest to the present.
  • Target Overview— Combined with a Target Trend graph that allows the user to see progress, over a specified time period, through three different metrics, toward a sales goal.
  • Notifications— In the Notifications section users will see 3 different boxes: Tasks, Missed Close Date, and Velocity Issues. Users can click into any of these to drill down to specifics.
  • Suggestions— Under suggestions users will see other areas in which actions should possibly be taken. These include Cold Accounts, Inactive Accounts, Inactive Leads, Stuck Opportunities, New Leads and more.
  • Business Overview— The Business Overview section graphically displays Open Opportunities, Open Sum, Won Sum, and Lost Sum—for the user-defined date range for which Navigator is currently set.

In addition to Navigator, this new Pipeliner Automata release also delivers:

  • New Forecast Report- Allows a sales manager to set forecasts for each member of a sales team, and track forecast achievement through a sales period for each forecast set. the Forecast Report is fully customizable, can be filtered with profiles, and shared with team members.
  • New Dynamic Dropdowns- Allows user-defined dropdown menus to dynamically relate to one another. For example, if a particular sales territory is selected, then another dropdown menu of “sales reps” would only be those reps for that territory.
  • User Rights Management—Greatly Simplified: In Pipeliner Automata, Administrators gain an increased ease of use to manage users rights , in several different areas.

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About Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a software system that enables salespeople and teams to understand their sales process and accelerate opportunities toward a close, while saving time and maintaining focus. Pipeliner CRM overlays organizational features atop a visual interface, creating a worktool that adapts to and grows with the organization.

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