The Most popular support Apps available to integrate with Pipeliner CRM.


Promoter is the most effective way to engage and learn from customers by capturing and organizing client feedback.

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BambooHR is an HR software with heart, allowing you to focus on the people, the right ATS helps HR and recruiters find the best candidates, faster.

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Todoist helps you organize your life so that you can go and enjoy it. Keep track of everything, all in one place.

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Ruum by SAP

It translates your business processes into actual project plans, allowing you to work better and faster.

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Lithium delivers an amazing digital experience to every customer, with seamless interactions across all touchpoints.

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Alertfind ADMIT is a notification system for business, giving your organization an easy-to-use, multi-channel platform for emergency and IT notifications

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It’s the ultimate solution, allowing marketing teams to assign tasks, communicate with others, and track progress.

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It’s a work management solution allowing users to gain more visibility, simplify planning, and enable collaboration.

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Wunderlist is the best way to organize and share your to-do list, making it easier than ever to get stuff done.

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Trello now integrates Pipeliner CRM. Trello lets you work collaboratively as a sales team to organize and prioritize your projects and important tasks.

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