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Selling: The Sales Whisperer® Definition

My sales mentor, Steve Clark, taught me years ago this four-point approach to selling:

  • Selling is a calling.
  • Serving is its purpose.
  • Questioning is the process.
  • A sale may be the solution.

However, just because something is a calling for you does not mean you are a natural at it. In fact, while some people may have an “aptitude” for selling, professional salespeople are MADE, NOT BORN.

Case in point: my first ever paying sales training client was an architect in San Diego that was going out on his own and needed to learn how to drum up more business. True story.

Marketing: The Sales Whisperer® Definition

I believe that marketing is just selling in print.

I believe what the immortal Howard Luck Gossage said about advertising:

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.

I believe that no one has a TRAFFIC problem and that everyone has a CONVERSION problem.

Traffic is easy to buy and measure, but until you know to whom you should be marketing, what they want and need, and until you answer why you are their best choice, you are—at best—being inefficient with your marketing dollars, and—at worst—flushing it down the toilet.

Once you can answer those questions, you’ll know where your prospects are hanging out and how to get their attention…and their money.

About The Sales Whisperer

Ruthlessly Pragmatic sales trainer, marketing consultant, keynote speaker, copywriter, and CRM expert. Nothing happens until a sale is made. A sale cannot be made until a prospect has been identified. A prospect cannot be identified until a business owner informs the marketplace that they are in business with a valuable offering. Each step must be carefully crafted and integrated and then automated in order to create a business that sustains you vs. a service that drains you. I help you build all of that.

The Sales Whisperer

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