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An archive of news and press resources about Pipeliner CRM, an easy-to-use visual CRM platform created to foster a dynamic relationship between sales management and entrepreneurial salespeople.

The Better CRM!

March 11th, 2019|

Pipeliner announced its latest CRM release, innovations around Mobile and integration, the company has delivered on its promise of building The Better CRM. Read More

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John Golden
John GoldenCSMO at Pipelinersales Inc.
Public Relations and CSMO at Pipelinersales Inc.


In the News

Pipeliner CRM is getting a lot of media attention. If you´re curious, what others write about the most visual CRM on the planet, please visit our “In the News” section.

Pipeliner CRM Treadmarks

If you would like to use Pipeliner CRM trademarks, please feel free to visit Pipeliner CRM Trademarks page.

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