Role at Pipeliner

“I am an social media strategist, responsible for all of our social media platforms. I manage social media channels, recognize social media trends, develop content and promotion strategies, provide value to the social community, set up ads, track the competition, and plan and host Twitter chats and other digital events.“

About Martha

I´m a communication expert with social media affinity, which I´ve been focusing on throughout my professional career. As office manager with 10 years of experience, I’ve learned to deal with diverse personalities , bringing them together in order to focus on one goal and encouraging them to move in one direction. The theoretical aspects of management and leadership that I gained during my studies help me make better decisions by understanding every aspect of our business. A couple months after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I reached for further education to support me in my career as Social Media Strategist. I decided to pursue my master’s degree in information, media, and communication which you can categorize into Online Marketing.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

Special skills and Interests

Playing guitar, keyboard, social skills, writing skills.

Martha Neumeister
Office Manager & Social Media Advocate