Role at Pipeliner

Helping businesses organize and collaborate, increase productivity and gain visibility into their leads, opportunities and activities within their sales and service organizations.

As a salesperson I can empathize how the lack of effective tools will drag down productivity, effect operations and overall company profitabilityProfitability Profitability is the potential, degree, metric, ability or relative efficiency of a business to yield financial gain (i.e., profits) after all relevant expenses and costs have been deducted.. Pipeliner was built for sales professional by sales professionals with the goal to empower; it is instant intelligence visualized.

I strive to create outcomes that drive mutual advancement of goals while building trusted relationships among the people and organizations which leadLead Lead refers to a prospect or potential customer (who can be an individual or organization) that exhibits interest in your service or product; or any additional information about such entity. to prosperity for all.

About Scott

Twenty years of B2BB2B B2B is an acronym for Business-to-Business, a model for selling, relationship-building, or engagement. sales experience spanning start-ups to F500 companies in the software, communications and financial services industries. Being a father of four daughters in Chicago I have lived the past 20+ years absorbing differing personalities and perspectives in a close-up environment, and bring that experience to my engagements with others in a way that is open-listening and understanding of their environment and needs.

We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails.

Scott Voss
Mid-MarketMid-Market Mid-Market is a classification of business organizations in terms of scale (revenue, number of employees, etc.), occupying the segment between the small companies and large multinational enterprises serving the same market. Sales