CRM for Manufacturing Requirements

The manufacturing industry certainly has its own set of requirements for a CRM application. At the front end is a sales organization just like any other company—but behind it must operate an entire other organization consisting of tight, precision manufacturing, raw materials, supply chain and inventory management.

While the linear layout through time appears to be goods manufactured and delivered to sales, in actual fact the flow runs both ways; manufacturing operations and sales must constantly and accurately support each other. Manufacturing must provide enough of the right products for sales to sell; it is up to sales to inform manufacturing which products need to be fabricated and by when. The data provided by sales must be as accurate as possible, because it will form the foundation for raw materials, supplies and inventory management. This is true from the smallest and simplest of manufactured goods right up to and including multi-million dollar machinery.

Pipeliner CRM—Instant Intelligence, Visualized

A CRM solution must support each and every one of these particular functions of the industry. Not only does Pipeliner do so, but with its totally visual approach, intuitively empowers all users to take part in opportunities, customer support, or one of any of the processes for which your company relies on CRM.

Intuitive, totally visual CRM tailored to Manufacturing. Incorporate all stakeholders so that they may manage, understand, follow and contribute to all processes including sales.